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    I applied for a job in Hamilton, MT. Pretty deep in the BitterRoot range, and pretty close to some Interior B.C. terrain that is pretty freeeeeking awesome. Any splitters out in this area?

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    i did a bit of splitting around there a few years ago… definitely some big mountains with very, very few people around…

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    Big remote mountains over there! Haven’t done any splitting, but just got back last week from a deer hunt on the Idaho side of the divide. Lots and lots of country. Wish I would have had my board as there’s already 20 inches of snow up high. Hope it works out for you!

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    The Bitterroot is an absolute sea of big peaks and seldom-traveled land.


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    We’re headed to Darby, entually this winter. I’ll definately hit you up when we get there, I lived their one summer and hiked a lot of rideable terrain, can’t wait to get out on the splitty!! I lived in a house down the west fork road near the Nez Pierce road.

    I’ll PM you splitrippin when im out there. And you too SamH for some trip ideas in MT.

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    That is nowhere near the San Juans you kook. Good luck. Still tons of IT positions open at Mercury FYI.

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    Do it! So I can come visit. Wouldnt the lady be more sane in Missoula? Though thats a bit of a commute.

    May have to buy a snowmobile too, hippy. Probably some big approaches around there.

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    BushDoctor…. I’d move to the San Juans but the combination of Bonez steez, and my lust for good smoke would leave the entire San Juans bearing Yeti’s and no cheech left :thatrocks: Not too mention with 2 outstanding breweries in Durango… I’d be a drunken fool… wait…I don’t need to move anywhere for that classification. :nononno: Bring on the mega IBU % IPA’s :guinness:

    I’m going to ping you about them Mercury spots… I think they look’d at my resume and thought…tooooo much money. :thumpsup:

    Thanks for the info on Hamilton, MT… it looks pretty sweet. It’s a govy job, so we’ll see. I was up skinning around the MT, ID border last year… the ID Selkirks are pretty sweeeeet!

    I know HFT would show up… that guy has some big juevos, and loves big lines that will make most peeps shit themselves…. I think I actually sharted a bit on my 1st adventure in the Needles with that freekin nut job.

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    @splitrippin wrote:

    Bring on the mega IBU % IPA’s :guinness:

    Now here’s a man who knows what he’s talking about :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg



    Born and raised in Missoula. Worked in a lab at the Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton for a year. You’ll love it there. Approaches will be long, but you won’t see anyone. A snowmobile is a great idea. I actually grew up snowmobiling more and there’s tons of terrain for that.
    You will be surprised how many good microbrews are in MT. I believe MT has the most breweries per capita out of all the states.
    Learn to flyfish if you don’t know how. And raft.
    The list goes on…


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    Wait… Montana has mountains?

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    Just dont forget to STAY THE FUCK OUT OF BOZEMAN!

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    wonder what ever happened to that dude ?

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    We took that guy out to the woods… duct taped him to a tree, and let the MT hippies free love his bitch ass to death! :thumpsup:

    time to go home, and drink some hoppy fokkin goodness.

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