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    Thanks for the input D-GREEN, I was hoping you would chime in.

    The more I look into it, the more Anchorage is sounding more favorable.

    As far as the glaciers, I’ve got all the gear and have been on glaciated routes, and terrain here in the Cascades (Rainier, Baker and Adams summits) but am no expert, and plan on practicing and preparing all winter.

    You are right, Plane drops=Glacier camping and that’s what we’ve been planning on doing from the get go. It was just in a previous post nwkayaker mentioned it not being as heavily glaciated as the high alpine in Haines.

    Anyways thanks again for all the suggestions, and please keep em coming!

    Flakes are starting to fly here, and I may be on some glaciers this weekend :thatrocks: .

    Maybe I should change the thread name to AK beta…

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    Sorry, I haven’t been to Haines yet. Yet being the key word, but Wilkez and IrishGav have. Here’s their report: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13532. You should PM them. Give me a shout if you still have room… A good friend of mine is the lead guide for AKheli and would therefore get us straight to the goods. I’m always down to show people around this area,Turnagain, as well.

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    I’m always down to show people around this area,Turnagain, as well.

    Im glad you posted that. I have been kicking around the motorhome idea. I will have to start picking your brain about timeframe (Late april, early may?) lenght of recommended trip, traveling in Alaska in an RV………and of course, supplies availibility :mrgreen:

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    PLENTY of “supplies” here, and hopefully they’ll be legal after November. :thumpsup:

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    The crew’s still not set, and if we go for heli days we definitely want to fill it.

    So far it’s me and 1 other who’s not on the forum committed. BS was in, but broke his foot climbing right before he was about to head to new zealand, but that trip got cancelled. I’m pretty sure he’s still going to go, but it’s health permitting. Then I’ve got 2 others who are still on the fence. So I’ve been telling them it’s a first commit basis.

    Is it 4 or 5 to fill the bird?

    I’ll shoot you a PM

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    I’ve been going up to AK for the past 3 seasons. The first year in Haines, and the past 2 based out of Anchorage. Both places are insane, excited to go back to Haines one day.
    Here’s a few videos from those trips.

    Haines with Fly Drake:

    Roadside runs camping out of a shitty rental car from Anchorage:

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    Rad videos Neil,

    Just curious what was the motivation, or deciding factor to go to Anchorage the last two years after going to Haines the first, and saying you’re excited to go back to Haines?

    Was it a money thing, or weather, or just wanted to check out different zones or?

    Any advice on either destination?


    Mike Hardaker
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    Don’t second guess Haines.. Anyone that has ever been will tell you that. I have lots of respect for Mark however I would never go to Tailgate or any of the other zones in AK after experiencing Haines.

    For me it comes down to terrain.

    As Neil mentioned I can’t wait to get back to Haines one day too!

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    Bumping this back up. For the AK guys to chime in on conditions.

    I’ve been following the avy forecasts for Haines, Thompson pass, Hatcher pass, and Turnigan still leaving the anchorage area as a possibility. It looks like Turnagan has been really shitty, Thompson OK, and Hatchers OK and I talked to Drake the other day, he said the alpine around Haines was doing OK, not great, but not bad.

    Any locals like to share any beta about any of the above?


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