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    Hi all,

    unfortunately I recently had to give up my multitool at airport security. It was a cheapo too like $20 or less, but had a standard bit adapter.

    I am now looking for a better replacement, but it does not have to be top of the line.

    I did find the Leatherman Skeletool, ($$$) but it seems that uses special non-standard bits.

    I would like decent quality, but would like to stay around $50 – $60.

    Do you guys or girls have any recommendations?

    Thanks, Tony

    Kahti Ryan
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    In my rucksack I carry a stubby ratcheting screwdriver that holds a bunch of bits. It’s made by Draper and cost about £7 at my local hardware store. Then I carry a dedicated folding knife as multitool knives are always junk. If I thought I was going to be using it heavy duty (batoning kindling for example) I would take a fixed blade, but for most of my time in the mountains I can’t justify the extra size. Mine is a nice one I found in a field years ago, but you can get decent folders pretty cheap, or the fixed blade Mora knife is about £10 and is amazing for the price. As long as you can sharpen properly.
    If I was on a bike I would carry a separate small pair of pliers. I don’t understand multitools because if you need to tighten a nut and bolt you need the screwdriver on one end and the pliers on the other!
    I’ve never used any of the other features of a multitool (except maybe a corkscrew) as you can do most things with a screwdriver, a knife and some pliers!
    Probably not very helpful but my 2 cents…

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    Im on my 5th or 6th Gerber Compact Sport. I lose one every few years but like it so much i keep buying replacements. small enough to carry in a pocket if needed, big enough to be useful. It satisfies all of my riding, backpacking, and fishing needs.

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    I have a Gerber Crucial (the one with the seatbelt cutter & no ‘biner). It does the job OK.
    It’s not Skeletool quality but for $40-$50 it’s pretty good.
    Straight/serrated blade, phillips, flathead, seatbelt cutter, pliers, wire cutter. No tools I never use.

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    In the spirit of “no tools I never use” I was looking for a similar tool/set up for BC. I went with a super basic knife/plier combo (Leatherman freestyle) tool that is pocketable and the new tool that I can not get enough is the FIXITSTICKS ( I can set up the 4 ends with drop-in bits for my binders, boots and misc board fixes. The ability to have the precision of a handle-less driver with the optional power of the T-handle is just awesome. For the tool geeks out there this is a good one to have in the bag. My only draw back is the weight, I wish they could make a lighter set but for now it is my go to!

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    I use the skeletool with the bits I need to fix the most crucial parts. I ordered the additional bit kit. Overall there are 3 bits I use. Little overkill to have to get them all but oh well. I keep the least possibly used bit in my safety kit, along with 1 screw of everything that is crucial if it fell out. I keep it on my hip belt for ease of access if needed. Just don’t forget to close the pocket when riding… Its worked for all types of fixes, and I’m happy with it. Its not “cheap” but has everything I need for any fixes.

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