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    Got to enjoy my first ever run down the infamous God’s Lawnmower in Big Cottonwood Canyon today.. In end of April dopeness. We got another 12 or so inches overnight here in Graceland, with 30+ in the past three days :bananas:

    Here’s the only shot of the day.

    and the video.. Tried to keep the camera in ‘rear view’ mode as much as possible.

    May Winter live on :headbang:

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    I’m definitely trying the pole cam idea!

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    Sick run! My bro and i did a few runs in Argenta today- the snow was beauty :doobie:

    wasatch surf
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    i’m enjoying your contributions alecs.

    kessler was the hot spot today. argenta was good even though i was probably the 11th car there, the east couloir looked fucking yummy. tempting but my buddy hadn’t done argenta before so we did that. things were starting to get warm down low on the exit, but i won’t complain for the end of april.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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