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    A few minutes longer on the approach and the would have been fucked….

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    I guess splitboarder transition time can be a good thing! In all seriousness, glad they are ok!

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    I’d rather assume they came from the top — the Canale Holzer is more often being ridden from the top. (there’s the famous cable car to the Sass Pordoi)

    They were really, really lucky!

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    Holy FUCK! 😯 I bet their beer’s tasted amazing at the car.

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    @floimschnee wrote:

    I’d rather assume they came from the top — the Canale Holzer is more often being ridden from the top.

    It’s on the way down for sure, you have to stop there to get your ropes ready as there is a small icewaterfall. Lucky for sure, they picked the right spot to get their gear out though.

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    They were very lucky, the avalanche was a natural ridge of rock from the top. 🙄
    I put a photo of the canal and the area of the Dolomites

    The channel is great and is a classic for snowboarding :thatrocks:

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    Thanks for the photos and clarification on the approach…I just guessed they were transitioning from the way up.

    Someone was looking out for them that day…

    So the question in my mind now that I know they came from the top is, did they descend or go back up?

    I know we no info about the snowpack, time of day etc…but what would you do?

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    Holy shit!

    I picked up a Dolomites guide a couple years back, and that line (and many many others) has been on the list since. There is basically a lift right to the top of that thing. Amazing to see that from that perspective, and just how FAST that thing happened. They would have been goners for sure if they had been in the chute. The rappel is at the red dot in the pic above (about halfway down the full length I think). Can you imagine looking up from a rope and seeing that thing coming down on you??

    Pic of the whole line:

    There was a clip of Micah Black and Jeremy Nobis skiing it in the TGR flick “High Life”.

    Saign, in answer to your question… I woulda climbed back up, taken the gondola back to the valley, found the nearest clothing store, and bought a new pair of underwear.

    I’d assume that a slide like that would have flushed a lot of snow out and left unpleasant skiing conditions in an already-technical chute…

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