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    I tried the modification above with my Gignoux/Phantom setup, however, I was not happy as the screw length required was quite long and it rests on a fabric layer or waterproof membrane not directly on the boot shell.

    Gignoux recommends the bindings with his boots so I contacted them to see about using their toe lever with the Phantoms and was informed that theirs is a Voile modified with a M8 nylon to work with the Gignoux boot. They suggested I drill my toe lever or obtain a Voile. – – Unfortunately Voile is out of stock until next season or I would give that a try because I could get a better angle with the shim screw and use a shorter screw that rests on the carbon shell.
    splitboard power lever

    Not yet wanting to drill the Phantom toelever and as there are already threads (M12 course) but not at the best angle I decided to try something else.

    Here is my mod

    Drill a golf ball with 7/16 or 11mm drill then insert an 4cm long M12 bolt with about 1 cm protruding and cut off the head of the bolt. This then threads easily onto the Phantom lever and you get this:
    Phantom with golf ball

    wanted to share what I did to make the Gignoux work well with my phantoms.

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