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    Apologize for the lack of pics, but was solo on this one again and didn’t lug my camera up (need to replace my defunct point and shoot)
    I bailed on my partners at 6 in morning due to too much type 2 fun for me, so drove north an hour and salvaged the day w/ this run.

    (ffw to :40 in if you have ADD)

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    Day salvaged!

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    Nice run. Really good quality on the camera too.
    Were you riding by yourself? No avy danger?
    Looked like a sweet run.

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    Dude f’n Opeth and BC ripping! There’s nothing gay about that. :scratch: Unless you had your thumb up yer keester while rippin. That’s gay :bananas:

    Dude stoked on your TR… keep up the Opeth… Fokkkk yah! meng!

    What’s type 2 fun?

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    Well, it was kinda gay that you didn’t ollie the skin track. 😉 I dig seeing the shadow with the pov. I’ve got some ideas for that camera once it snows.

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    Haha, I was thinking of ollieing the skin track on way up, but forgot.
    There was frickin’ amazing light shining down the upper section about an hour before I got up there which would have made for great shadow effects for the POV and super great conditions for photos if one wanted. This time of year the sun angle shines perfectly down that slope till about noon-1.

    Title was inspired by one of my old ski buddies reference to snowboards back in the day.

    Swedish: not much avy danger that day, but there was one huge slide on that same aspect one gully over from a week earlier.

    And yes, Opeth rocks!

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    Nice vid, liked how the shadow showed your riding. I got heaps of POV footage on my hardrive. Gotta find time for some editing so I can share some goodies from the best season we’ve had over here in years.

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    Dude, you and your helmet cam are killing it this season. Seeing the shadow of the rooster tails was sick. :thatrocks:

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    Man, you haul ass and dont stop for nothing. That looked like a super nice long run. props

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    Thanks for takin’ us with ya.

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    nice! What camera is that?

    rky mtn srfr
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    Nice, way to flash it top to bottom!

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    Sick run! Love the shredding shadow.

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    Urf, I hate that sound the board makes when you clip a rock, it makes me so sad…

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    Yep, heard that sound to… I even twitched and winced reflexively as it happened…

    Other than that, sweet.. And I’d trade a small shark-bite for that run too… Looked awesome… One of those, “wish I were there” runs for sure. Saving that one to show my wife to help motivated her to get out and join me sometime… Runs like that make anyone with a pulse happy…

    Greg - NoKnees

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