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    I went on a CMH K2 Heli trip a few months back and because of that I get a free snowboard. I am not a fan of K2’s (ride Travis Rice Lib) but its free! Thinking of getting the new 2014 model 164 UltraSplit. I only get the board in this deal which is okay because I do not want the clicker setup. Can I use this board and add in some different splitboard bindings? Any recommendations? Thanks.

    Matt Wood
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    Sell it. Buy another Mervin. Hate being a hater but I hate when companies try and make shit that only works with there shit.

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    pretty sure you can just mount voile hardware on it??
    Probably be an awesome pow board!

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    It’s a regular splitboard so no need to hate on anything. Get the voile hardware & sparks or just karakorams. Should be a sweet split as the solid is quite nice

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    As it has been said. It’ll work with whatever interface you choose to use. You’ll be fine.

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    I rode an UltraDream last winter and thought it was a great board but a little narrow for my feet. If that’s not a problem for you then go for it. FYI my current split is a T.Rice 161.5 and my last was a T.Rice 164.5.

    Kyle Miller
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    Great board and works with any system. Trust me I have 3 of them. 😉

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    We tested the Ultraboard last spring and we got really surprised, it performs great, especially in powder.
    K2 has put up a great splitboard able to compete with the best splitboards out there!

    Check out the results that it got in our splitboard test here:

    We tried it with the new Kwicker system, and also with Sparks, so any system works.
    I wonder if they sell the board alone or you need to buy the whole package?

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    in europe, they sell it separately

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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