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    Schralp was nice enough to take the lead on a trip to Steven’s Peak last weekend with the idea of it being a mellow, intro to splittboarding kinda trip… Thought it’d be a great time to drag out a ride’n buddy of mine I’ve been trying to convert for a while… He’s been willing, we just haven’t had the right planetary alignment to make it happen… Well, between the fresh snow and sunny skies, thought it’d be a great day to push him over the edge….

    Gettin going in the morning…. Better late than never?

    Testing the limits of uphill mobility… Add to that, poles without baskets… A good lesson in backcountry travel…

    Alex leading the way… Headwall of the north-east bowl off Steven’s in the background… Tasty… Next time…

    Early birds gettin’ the worm… We hit this after them, looked too good from across the way to pass up. That, and they set a good uptrack for us… 😉

    The man, the myth… Schralp…

    Another line for another day… Spotted this while eating lunch.. Thought, “Hey, that looks sweet. Wonder if it goes?” Answer, yes… The Early Birds hit this while we were hittin their first line…

    Movin’ on up…

    Gettin down… Schralp doing what he does best…

    My buddy Kris, thinking that this splittin thing is okay…

    Schralp sizin it up..

    And puttin it down..

    Kris enjoying sloppy seconds…


    Learnin the split ski….

    One last creek to cross, and outta there…

    Good times…. Maybe one more shot in Tahoe next weekend.. We’ll see what the Wednesday/Thursday weather brings…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Sweet. What day where you there? PJ and I were on Steven’s on Sunday.

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    We were up there a week ago, Sunday, April 15th… It’s definitely a spot I need to keep in mind as there’s a pretty good variety of things to hit off there, all sides… That N-E drainage that Schralp took us to has a good mix of terrain to play on. Get up there early and you can get 3+ good laps in up high before enjoying the turns back home down low… We had a pretty mellow day just kinda scoping things out, but… Would have been nice to do more… Next time… 😉

    What area were you riding?

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Yep, we rode Steven’s (and Red Lake Peak) on April 15 too. I remember cause it’s my birthday. :disco:

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