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    After participating in a serious heckle session at the Cold Smoke awards on Friday night then being lethargic on Saturday, I decided to hit up Gallatin Peak on Sunday. It had been on my list for a while, but of course I could only attract one participant due to the long approach. It’s the largest mountain in the Spanish peaks, but a bit lower than Lone. Very visible from Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley.

    We started skinning at 6:30 am and returned at 6 pm. The weather was perfect – cloudy and cool in the morning, then sunny as we hit the base of the peak. Higher slopes didn’t warm up enough to significantly increase wet slide danger, but softened up the snow to a good, smooth consistency.

    Nice couloir on the way in

    A few turns getting to the base

    South facing lines north of the peak

    North facing slopes still have great coverage. I was very surprised.

    More north facing

    Wilson peak, I believe. Those couloirs look like fun but are tough to access.

    Kyle about to drop

    At the base of the line

    Cool looking terrain

    First part of the skin out

    Our line from the peak going towards the right. Barely visible. Mellow angle, a bit thin on top.

    We couldn’t pass up this drop to flat pile of slush on the way out. Kyle hits it and I miss the good timing.

    kyle christenson
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    Same drop, different rider……Nomad

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    wow, that’s ugly

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    wicked pissah!

    is this looking back towards beehive?

    North facing slopes still have great coverage. I was very surprised.

    how about that chute on the middle right? 😀 sickness! gimme two weeks. 👿

    how’d you access? drop into middle and up bear (the long way) or straight up beehive and over? it’s only about 8 one way, huh? see any bears? mtn goats? bighorn sheep? racoons? powder? uhm…. i’m jelous…… again! Cold Smoke was a messy night (i think). that sled is mine!

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    Another Nomad Classic. What are these cold smoke awards you speak of?

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    the snow Oscars on…….

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    Those pictures sure are purdy! The lines are endless back there.

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    Yeah, which way did ya access? I wanna try and get back there soon if I can. How’s the coverage at the trailhead to beehive? Anyways nice job.

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    Hell yah…good stuff man…way to get ‘er done! Can hardly wait for the Buttes of Coffin and Dunoir. Hopefully it will produce.


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    LLS & Dave-

    We accessed the peak by first going over the Beehive ridge near the big house. Next, we went up into Bear Basin, and cut over the N ridge to the base of the S face of Gallatin Peak. We saw a few goats near the ridgeline on the peak, but they disappeared by the time we got up there. The pic you pointed out is looking towards Beehive peak with Fan in the background. The saddle we’ve been to before is just to the left of the peak.

    Coverage at the trailhead was great – it should last for a while longer.

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    Can’t believe the wind didn’t wipe you off the ridglines Sun. Where we were – everything above timberline was just plain terrorist. Way to get it done.

    Any thoughts on Crazy Mtn adventure yet?

    wasatch surf
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    I have wanted to hit gallatin peak for years now. stoked to stumble across this 6 years after the fact.

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    Haha, classic to see this one on the front page! I remember reading this back then and thinking, “Man, I really need to get out with that guy!”

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    Nice! Thanks for pulling this 6-year old TR out of the dustbin. Those were good times, with all the time in the world to get outside. I just realized the other day that this is now my tenth year of splitboarding. I feel like I should have some sort of celebration or something. Or I could just go shredding 😀

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