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    As most have heard by now, there was a tragic avalanche accident that took the lives of 5 souls on 4/20/2013.

    One of the lives was that of Gecko Skins partner Ian Lamphere. I had the pleasure of meeting Ian (and fiancé) a couple times at industry trade shows and while our interactions were brief, I know he was a great person and loved by many.

    A fund has been started for his family and I encourage our community here to give what they can.

    Rip In Peace brother.

    Ian and his daughter Madelyn

    Ian MC’ing the splitboard changeover contest by Spark and Venture at this year’s trade show.

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    Losing Ian is just so unthinkable… and so, so heartbreaking.

    Ian became a good friend over the past two years, and Joe Timlin was a great friend as well…and Jerome… So grateful for at least one survivor. Bryce, Tyler and I flew down to CO for the memorial for Joe this week and had the chance to visit the accident site and say our own personal goodbyes to these amazing human beings.

    I want it to be known on this forum, that these guys did absolutely nothing wrong. They were all extremely experienced backcounty studs, and they were all so, so safety conscious. The route they were taking was a low angle traverse to a safety zone a few hundred yards away, and were on their way to very low angle gladed tree runs. The plan was to be out for less than 1 hour…

    This one is so hard for me to swallow, because during the past few months, and leading up to the week before the gathering, I had been talking with Joe at length about making the trip down from Washington to be a part of the festival. Seeing the slide debris with my own eyes was important for me… To try and make sense of it, and in a strange way, try to feel the lingering energy of these lost friends. I can say without hesitation, that I would have been right there, stoked to be getting out with Joe and Ian, and I would have felt TOTALLY comfortable with the route they chose to travel. So many times have we all quickly skinned across an exposure zone to a safe area. It just didn’t look like anything crazy. What happened was a perfect storm of tense loading on top of crazy facets, which allowed a freakishly massive settlement under they guy’s feet to collapse. The settlement literally un-zippered all the way up the mountain, and released the slope just huge… And according to a local guy who has done slide studies on that very slope for the past 15 years, this is the biggest slide in that drainage in over 25 years. Jerome told me that they had about 10 seconds from when they heard the boom… There was yelling and sprinting, and then they were overwhelmed by the slide. Mike and Dan, two other good friends of mine, were the first on the scene and dug Jerome out, as well as the bodies of our fallen brothers. They told me that Ian made an amazing physical feat in his last moments.. That he was able to almost completely sprint out of the way of the slide, and was literally feet away from being able to get free of it. Unfortunately, and heartbreakingly, the Universe decided to take him home that day. Its just so hard to make sense of it… There are no “whys”, or answers to “why”. Mother nature just “is”.

    My heart will always be with these fallen brothers. Jerome, Mike, and Dan, you guys will always be my heroes. So much love for these guys.. . .

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    ^Thanks for sharing Russ, such a huge loss and tragedy. With such a relatively small and tight knit community, I’m sure they touched the lives of many…RIP brothers

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    Thanks Russ. I barely knew these fellas but have been thinking about them everyday. They will be sorely missed.

    I keep getting asked about what happened and the only thing I can honestly tell people is that it was a very, very low probability event. But as we all know, low probability events still happen.

    Please stay safe out there people.

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    Yeah man, it was a super low probability event…

    They didn’t do anything wrong… They were choosing the most mellow approach, to the most mellow terrain, and the whole mountain side just decided to release at the moment that they were all in there. It was a freak act of nature…

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