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    I have a High Society Empire 164 for sale…. it was built by our boy at here in Utah.

    Has a very nice Inside Edge installed and Comes with all Voile Hardware and a set of Black Diamond Skins that have maybe 10-15 days on them.

    I am willing to bet this is the only High Society Empire Splitty in Existence… slim chance 1 or 2 are out there floating around somewhere, prolly in the POW!

    Not sure what a used Splitty like this is worth but make offers!

    I can throw in a pair of old Burton cartels to sweeten the deal… although honestly they are pretty beat!

    Let me know what you guys who may be interested think.

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    Can the stance be adjusted? Also, could you ship to Bellingham, WA?

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    Yes the stance can be adjusted, See those like Grey pucks where you mount the binders, You just adjust those to your stance, I will include the guide so you can be sure that they are straight. Yes I will ship to Bellingham. Shipping will probably be around $25-$35. But you will need to pay the actual shipping.

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    i am just looking to get into the split market so i’m not looking to spend too much. Just trying to mess around on something, probably more beat up and cheaper than this before i buy my dream set up, karakoram hardwear and bindings probably a jones board. It looks as if it is in pretty good shape, how low are you willing to go? Dont really need the bindings as i already ride multiple boards with the same bindings.

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    A rough idea on a price?

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