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    christoph benells
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    while my trip reports are usually very heavy with mountaineering content and hard-boots, i love riding park and hitting it with the free-style.

    to get to know everyone better here on this website, i wanna see your park riding shots! i know some of you out there are hittin it good.

    park riding helped my snowboarding immensely. it gives you the ability to be nimble on your feet, and to adapt to different riding situations.

    here are my fairly weak shots (the only freestyle stuff i shot this season 🙁 )



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    Thanks for starting this thread Chris… Is that a solid you’re riding at at the bowl?

    I need to dig through some old photos and do some scanning or get a friend to hold the camera next season. As I do find myself in the park on occasion.

    Does surfing sick waves count as freestyle? Perhaps that should be another thread…

    christoph benells
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    smokin big wig, softest soft boots you can imagine (vans hi-standard) and some flux binders.

    keeping it real.

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    Sick boarding Chris! Ski Bowls park is always fun.

    Heres an edit I put together of Drew and myself riding at Brighton this season.


    Cheers :guinness:

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    nice edits guys! Cheers.

    photo (9) by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Us Open superpipe Vail CO-Jan 2013. Love me some pipe! Not bad for a 40 year old backcountry guy

    08_21_MalayDay_MA by travis young 424, on Flickr

    I won the Mallay day 2010 biggest method contest on a split board. Josh was one of best natural freestylers this world will ever see! I would love to have seen the creativity he would have brought to the backcountry. RIP Josh! Destroy

    Fast and smooth

    christoph benells
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    sick morgan!

    we should go shred the park up there this summer. i can get some vip passes to windells.

    travis young your boosting! i remember that shot of you on the split. so sick. i love the halfpipe,

    sadly i cannot hit big jumps anymore, unless i want my knee to explode.

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    Haha, wish I had some footage or pics. After spending several seasons riding Breck’s park regularly way back when, moving to Tahoe with shitty parks and more featured terrain with good snow just lined up perfectly for bringing freestyle to natural features. But the past couple dry winters, coupled with improved parks, had me getting back into some park riding. Pointing it at a large booter is still a huge rush, and helps build good air awareness that translates to other parts of the mountain, I just gotta remember that I weigh twice as much as most of the young jibbers and I’m not gonna land on the tranny if I hit it with the same speed they do.

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    @christoph benells wrote:

    sick morgan!

    we should go shred the park up there this summer. i can get some vip passes to windells.

    Dude, you know I am down! Boarding is the best, and if your not hiking for it, even better.

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    christoph benells
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