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    I have decided to buy a new splitboard and I think that I have it narrowed down to either the Voile Mt. Gun 161 or the Voile Freeride 159. I am weighing the differences in measurements but I would like to know if anyone out there has experience with both and can offer some clarity about the general feel. It seems like the Mt. Gun would be a much more stout and stiff board compared to the Freeride. Also, does anyone know what the limitations on stance are? My most comfortable stance is about 21 to 22″.
    I expect to be riding in all sorts of conditions so I don’t just want a steep and deep powder only board but hopefully most of the time that is what I will be in. For the past two years I have been using an old homemade splitboard with the Voile system. I really like the Voile hardware; it has been the only redeeming thing about the board. Unfortunately the girl who made it had a completely different stance than me so it has been a struggle. Also not having outside metal edges has brought me to the ground a few times on steep icy traverses during approach (at least I like to blame it on that anyway).

    I would appreciate any advice or thoughts on the matter.

    I may help to know that I am 135lbs, 5’7″ tall and I ride a 157cm board at the areas.

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    I would say Mt.Gun for its stiffness. This helps when skinning too. If you are not used to riding a stiff responsive deck then it may take some getting used to.

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    I picked up at ’73 Freeride at the beginning of the season. I probably have 10 days on it so far, mostly powder, and I’ve been really happy with it. I don’t notice much flex and I have ridden it on a couple of days where the conditions were “firm”. I have my stance set somewhere between 21″ and 22″ and it’s fine, I could go wider if I wanted.

    If money was no issue I probably would’ve gotten a Mt. Gun just based on the reviews I’ve read on here. I’ve only ridden the freeride but like I said, so far I have no complaints.

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    Don’t underestimate the stiffness power of the mtn gun. With your weight, you may find the board too stiff. I thought it was stiff with my 180 lbs. Unless you ride really aggressive, I think the freeride should perform fine for ya.

    The freerides run a little long, so that 59 is more like a 61 (at least the previous years boards).

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    If you plan on mostly riding Colorado snowpack the freeride should be fine. If you make trips out to the west coast areas with Frequency you might look at the mtn gun as I suspect that will perform better in the conditions out there. I just got another freeride model myself and it’s perfect for the conditions we experience out here.

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    my regular riding partner is about your size and she is on the freeride 166 and loves it. though she sometimes comments that a larger board would be nice. the freeride is a great board and handles all sorts of our terrain great (alaska). i would recommend it for you over the mnt gunn unless you are a really hard charger.

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    bdub and pj are spot on. The 159 FR and the 61 Gun are the same length, but the Gun takes some aggressive muscle to move around, where at your weight the Freeride should prove perfect.

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