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    This year marks my 5th year in a row (3rd for Skyler) for a tradition our family calls the Fountain of Youth.

    As always, the trip starts with a ride on the Echo Boat Taxi.

    A short walk from the boat dock, Sky checks out the frontcountry and Mt Ralston.

    He swears by those haraches on his feet

    At Lake Aloha we get the classic view of the Crystal Range.

    Normally we camp near the s/sw shore of Aloha but we always talk about camping up on the range at the pond proper. Since it was just Sky and I and there was no one to vote against it we went for it.

    Super proud of my boy for making the climb WITH full gear and overnight pack. You rule Skyler!

    The Fountain




    Morning light

    Skyler dialing in some beats and getting in the zone for the day.

    First he does his chore and pumps our water.

    Time to shred, Skyler

    My turn

    After a couple warm-ups Skyler goes for the first ever fs/360 nose butter and nails it.

    Dad ups the ante with a long distance skim

    With an s-turn

    and 180 out

    Sky hits the camp skim

    And then gets the distance skim no problem


    Great times with my favorite partner. I love you Sky and you make me proud on many levels.

    Time to ride down and head home, Skyler.

    Skyler stoked at the bottom. Knowing these mountains and the memories we’ve made in them will be with him forever makes me happy.

    We imagined breaking a piece of this ice chunk off and floating back to the east shore.

    Looking back

    We made it back to the dock with 30 minutes to spare before the last taxi.

    A welcome sight and ending to another great trip.

    Special Thanks to aksltxlt and dishwasher dave too! :thatrocks:

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    If you fall in the lake not be as effective sand-moving snow? 🙄

    Fun!! :headbang:

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    Awesome Chris!

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    I remember reading your TR last year as well, what a cool tradition to have!

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    Awesome, Chris! You got me sold, I am gonna try to find this on Tuesday (any help pointing me in the right direction would be awesome!!! nudge, nudge) And, I would definitely dig some company if anyone is interested in joining me and my dawg!

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    @earthmaggot wrote:

    (any help pointing me in the right direction would be awesome!!! nudge, nudge)

    My best guess. . .

    38.856917, -120.161584
    +38° 51′ 24.90″, -120° 9′ 41.70″

    Here it is on Google Maps,-120.161584&hl=en&ll=38.854949,-120.156441&spn=0.034823,0.069437&sll=38.858959,-120.150089&sspn=0.069643,0.138874&t=p&z=14

    Check out the Google Earth imagery data from 5/25/2009.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    oh sweet thank you! yea i was looking over his pics, looking at maps and kinda picked out that area too (well, roughly haha!)

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    Awesome !! :thumpsup:

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    So sick….badass TR…well done.

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    nice tradition you guys got going there.

    i’ll have to crash it some year.

    nice butter Sky :headbang:

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    Who’s up for a day trip tomorrow???

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    Chris, this is so inspiring, I sure wish I had the day free.

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    so awesome Chris, looks like the best Fountain of Youth trip yet! Pretty awesome to see Sky getting all of his camping gear and skills dialed too … you guys should work up to a high school graduation SHR tour 🙂


    I thought it was pretty rad you were carrying splits with your giant daypacks, well done…

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