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    Heya.. I’ve got a few days between to/fro trips to Silverton 3/9-11th. I’ve got a buddy in Fort Collins, and I’m wondering if I can tag along for some local touring 3/9-11?

    I know this belongs in the “Partners Wanted”, but time is short.

    I don’t want deter anybody… you’ll kill me on the uphill, but I more than hold my own on the descent. It’s the curse of low altitude lungs.

    The fine herbs, and tasty beverages I supply afterwards will hopefully overshadow my uptrack weakness.

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    Come on… I thought us splitboarders were better than this.. It’s almost like posting for partners on Colouir.

    very let down indeed :nononno:

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    I’ve got to work those days, otherwise I would represent. You might have better luck trying this forum: Man I wish I were headed to Silverton too!


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    Hit me up and lets see if I am in town. If I am here we can go shred 4 show!!
    email me at

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