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    I’m looking to order up a pair of the Fitwell Freeride boots but need some advice on the sizing. I have never ordered footwear in mondo sizing before and I want to make sure I get these in the right size. I will most likely be ordering them from an overseas retailer and want to avoid having to ship them back across the pond if they don’t fit. I generally wear a US size 11.5 which I believe is somewhere in the mondo 300-305 range. The only footwear I have ever purchased in European sizing are Shimano SPD mountain biking shoes which I wear in a size 47. Which is confusing because it seems like US 11.5 should be a EU 45.

    Anyone here riding these boots (or the Backcountry model) in my size range that can advise?


    I am also a solid 1.5 us mens shoes ssize and went with the 300 mondo after the 295s were a bit too small. Id definitely go with the 300 and get prepared to put in a different liner… the included liners left much to be desired 😉

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    Thanks for the reply. Was that experience with the Freeride or Backcountry? If you ordered them in the US, can you recommend a retailer?


    I have the backcountry boots. Got them from the rep here in CO. Amazing boots for rock in the alpine!! I often literally billy goat up many lines that other partners simple cannot go up with other boots. Great boot for split mtneering in the spring. I recently got a set of semi auto crampons and they fit like a glove 🙂

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    I wear US 11. I bought and tried on Mondo size 295 (Backcountry, not Freeride) and couldn’t even get my feet in the boots. After making some comparisons with my normal boots (DriverX), it seems the Fitwells are fairly narrow at or toward the heel. I ended up returning them as sizing up to 300 would – I think – have meant the boots ended up being too long even if they were wide enough. Shame, as they have a good rep.

    Incidentally, you can try emailing the rep (Thomas?): fitwellsales at gmail dot com.


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    Well I ended up going with the 300 size and I couldn’t be happier. I took them out for a couple trial runs over the holiday weekend, they fit great and the construction is top notch. So far I am liking the stiffness and the way they ride although I have yet to do a long tour with them. These boots put every other pair of snowboard boots I have owned to shame. I also picked up a pair of Petzl Irvis Hybrid crampons and they fit perfectly.

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    What’s the return policy on these?

    I actually bought the petzl Irvis hybrid semis for deeluxe spark XVs (haven’t paired them yet) and was told the spark’s heel was too wide for semis, and was directed to the fitwell. So anyway, will fitwell accept a return on a boot that has been used a bit to get the fit?

    Also, if the fitwell liner is bad, what could it be replaced with?


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    So just to ask again, what is a good liner to replace the Fitwell liner with? I have intuition liners from my K2 Thraxis boots. They don’t have their own laces as they depend on the Boa Conda system, but could they work in the Fitwell?

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