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    broken Boa dial

    Not sure if the picture link will work, but this shows where the Boa dial snapped off. I managed to hold it mostly together by snugging the broken dial to the two rivet “posts” with a few mini zip ties, and made it through 20+ miles of skinning and some sweet pow laps in the Adirondacks this past weekend. I’m working with Boa to try to find replacement parts without needing to send my boots back to Fischer first. Fingers crossed.

    Sorry to hear your first impressions weren’t too great, NorwegianDan. I forgot to mention that I had some heel lift issues with the stock liners too, and ended up punching out a few extra holes in the liner so I could thread a lace down over my instep. That completely solved the heel-hold issue.

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    Can’t see the picture. You may have to adjust your sharing settings.

    No worries, we all have different feet and different preferences.

    Unfortunately my heel-lift issues won’t be relieved by threading a lace. At the very least I would need to add an ankle strap and sort out the forward lean angle.

    Again, the dynafit solution with the two layers of plastic in the highback working against eachother, seems to come out winning.

    Going to see if the Dynafit Speedfit is my ticket after all. Seems they have made some more space in there since the One. I cannot describe the pain I have had with the One’s..

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    Norwegian Dan,
    To elaborate on the elastic idea: So with the cuff reduced to a highback, you will lock it in for heelside support when riding. I found some 4″ elastic strap that is pretty strong. My thought is to have the multiple wraps of this band connect from the highback around the cuff of the boot to create a progressive forward lean that you can adjust be adding more wraps of the elastic. I haven’t made the strap holders yet, still imagining the hardware so they could be easily field adjustable.
    “4-Inch Wide Black Heavy Knit Stretch ELASTIC 3 Yards by Prolastic” (on amazon).

    You know how the boot feels if you lock the highback and then adjust the upper strap so there is a bit of play (like 2 inches). Then as you lean forward you hit the strap and then have toe side support. I’m looking to get that feel with a bit more initial resistance and then progressive resistance as you go forward.

    Also if you ride with the highback locked you might be able to add an ankle strap to the cuff with anchors just above and a little behind the cuff pivot rivets. If you could find a strap that could be narrowed enough it might stay clear of the boa dial.

    Also with heel lift, you might have a low instep as I do. Are you having to dial the boa really tight so the two sides of plastic are meeting together? If so, the first solution to try is to lift your foot up to the top of the boot. Use a couple of 1/8″ bontex footboards (from ski shop) and also a thick footbed like a superfeet footbed. you can put them in your liner or below. If they work but are cut too short and slop back and forth put them in with a little spray adhesive or a drop or two of rubber cement here and there-not much.

    As a quick test, take the footbed from one boot flip it upside down and put it under the footbed in your other boot or stack up some footbeds from other boots to feel the effect. Adding some thick winter sorel type winter boot footbeds can work too, but they compress over time.

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    I haven’t ridden in these yet so cannot endorse, but the colors are nice and not so fruity this year.

    At $506 that is almost $300 less than US retail now, mid 300s-low 400s was the cheapest they got last spring if I remember right.

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    Those are a lot nicer looking than the last version! I loved the non-carbons, but had a catastrophic failure at the very end of last season with the shell cracking near the front rivet of the tongue area. Fischer was awesome about the warranty, and I have a shiny new pair of bright yellow carbons waiting to try as soon as snow starts falling. I’m psyched about their even lower weight, but not necessarily about the extra stiffness from the carbon sole, and definitely not about rocking even fruitier fruit boots than usual. Oh well, free boots are free boots.

    Jan Machacek
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    Scooby2, I recommend using Voile straps for progressive forward flex. I have them on my La Sportiva Siderals for fourth season now and they are great. I can add pictures later, if some of you guys would like to.

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    Quick update since my last post in October: I now have about 30 days on the yellow carbons after 2 full seasons on the non-carbons. Everything I loved about the original is just as good or better on the carbons (except the color). The Palau liners on carbons are noticeably better made, warmer, and more comfortable than the generic Fischer liners on the non-carbons, The carbon stiffener plate in the sole that I worried might be too stiff is completely unnoticeable to me. They ride great.

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    Ahhh, I might integrate some Voile strappage, good idea, easy to implement.

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