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    On Thursday I drove up to Echo Summit to see how much snow fell. There was enough to take some pictures of but not enough to ride in.

    It was refreshing to see nonetheless.

    Echo Lake area is still a storm or two from being ridable…lake needs to freeze still too.

    At least the boats are put up for winter.

    Thursday night, My Own Two Feet (human powered snowboard film at The Divided Sky.

    On Friday I decided to make the extra trek to Carson to check conditions there. Dishwasher Dave and Chris from Leeward had been there a couple days earlier and the pics looked good so I was hopeful.

    Hope Valley along the way.

    No one in the lot at 8:30am so I cranked the tunes and got ready. Am I really going snowboarding? Summer seamed to drag on forever.

    To my surprise you could skin from the car and boy did it feel great. Not too long and Round Top comes into view.

    Getting closer.

    RT looked good but I opted for the closer Elephants Back and the chute just past the center right.

    Soon I was on top and looking down the first run of the season! Looks a little sharky at the top…will I remember how to snowboard? Snowballs thrown, bindings tight, googles adjusted….DROPPING!

    The line was sweet!

    Someone else with the same idea.


    Met powdork from TGR too.

    Back for another.

    Last look at RT on the ski out.

    Good times and great to be back on the snow!!!

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    Nice pics!

    More snow plz 🙂

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    Congrats and way to get it done :thatrocks: The pictures from Hope Valley are really scenic – beautiful country! Bring on Winter!

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    Digging the hoar in the 2nd pic

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    Congrats! Nothing beats the first turns! All hail the snow gods :bow:

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    @bcrider wrote:

    Mmmm … Hoar!

    Stagger Lee
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    Hooray for first turns :clap:

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    Peanut butter jelly time :bananas:

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