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    I’m looking for some knowledge and suggestions as I buy my first split setup. I ride in the Vail and Summit co area on a 156 skate banana and a 164 ultra dream. 6’2 180 with 10.5 boots.

    I’m looking at a few boards, and while I’m pretty convinced I’m buying something with the tesla system, I’ve also considered starting with the voile plates or even just getting the mtn approach mini skis to save some cash until I know what I need.

    The 2014 rossi xv magtec is right around my price point, but I’ve never ridden a board larger than 164 or a super directional board. I’ve also seen a few reviews say that it’s better suited on steep, big mountain riding, than it is for trees. Vail isn’t exactly high angle terrain and I love trees. I could also get it as a full split kit and save 250 dollars by strapping on some old rome 390s.

    The 2014 Rome Whiteroom is also right in my price point, slightly less directional but I’m not sure it would handle chattery windblown stuff as well.

    The 2014 arbor abacus is in the for sale section here, but I don’t know much about it.

    The 2015 arbor abacus looks amazingly perfect, but the pricetag is a bit hefty. How does the rocker perform on hardpack skin tracks (hut trip in november).

    Last but not least I found a 160 Hovercraft for 550. Too long for that style of board?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I’d recommend a couple things…. first, there are so many board reviews on here. Spend some time reading. Kyle Miller did a great one a few years ago, comparing 6 different boards.

    Second, assuming you actually use it you’ll beat up your board. Used is the way to go for a lot of us for our first boards. Craigslist should have a crap ton in the Vail area, or there’s lots of boards on here for sale.

    Many of us on here who started in the last 5 years started on one of the Voile Mojo series and that is a pretty great board to start with. I sold one a few years back for $200 in decent condition. So look around, not just at your local gear shop.

    I’d really recommend AGAINST buying whatever shiny brand new board you can afford, based mostly on price point. Most of the cheaper boards are not as durable, for lighter riders, etc. and you’ll see lots of those on craigslist as people bought a board based on price, used it once or twice then sold it as it didn’t meet their needs.

    Also, try to hit demo days and splitfests; there you can demo lots of different boards.

    DIY could also be an option for you. Or someone else’s used DIY. =)

    Good luck with your search!

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    Thoughts on this one?

    Also, are you saying the boards I listed are “cheaper boards?” From what I’ve read they are older models of good boards, I’m just not sure what style or size would be best for me. Apart from the DIY splits on craislist, most are looking about the same price as the rossi, rome, and old arbor (400 dollar range). I’m hesitant to buy someone elses DIY, and willing to spend some money to have something I can keep for years.

    I was just having trouble deciding between a full on directional or some kind of twin and the proper length. Any knowledge about the boards I’m looking at would be helpful.

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    Hey ryuunoeien, welcome to the forum!

    Jefe009 is saying is that he does not recommend buying top of the line everything while you figure out what you like and if you like it at all. He is also saying that you may be able to purchase a higher quality used board for the same price point of a new board. I would compare and contrast the boards listed with those from Prior, Venture, Jones, Chimera and Never Summer.

    I believe BCrider also posted a review on the Arbor Abacus one or two years ago.

    As for length, I would do a quick search here on the forums. You’ll find tons of opinions on that. For me, i’ll ride between a 156 and 161 in bounds depending on conditions and what i’m doing. My split’s are typically between 161 and 164. If you plan on doing quite a bit of hut trips or winter camping I would recommend going a little longer due to the increased weight on you back.

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