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    Hi all.

    New guy here, although i have read over many threads in my deciding phase of my splitboard purchase. I decided on a K2 panoramic 164 2012-13 kit, spark r&d burners and a set of mr.chomps.
    Had my first day out today in Iceland, a little sidecountry from the local resort since it was my first test after setting up my kit.
    I was amazed on how the board handled right from the start, hard pack groomers and it did did its job without shame, a little off-piste from the lifts and now the time came to split it skin it and hike it.

    Before i write this i am no rookie in BC riding, i have been on alpine touring skis for years, work as a fireman emt and a member of the local mountain rescue team, but we all have our days 🙂

    I pulled the board apart, pinned the bindings on (buckles inwards) and skins on and off i went, shortly i realized something was very wrong and this was not functioning like i had expected, when i was doing my first kickturn i was free from the board, realizing then that it would be wise to switch the binding, (buckles out) so i would not walk myself out of the binding, and also made the mistake of putting my skins on wrong, naming a skin backside and have that logo on the front of the binding leaves a bit of a room for error.

    But when i had fixed my setting i marched on, only a little bruised pride if anyone noticed my strange exercises. Long story short everything was very good, did a 4k hike from the resort to get my first fresh splitboard line, cannot give my gear a solid review but so far very good.

    Tomorrow i will push the board a little harder but i made a short vid from today, nothing fancy just for kicks.
    Proud to be one of the very few splitboarders in Iceland.

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    Way to go. I just started splitting myself and I know all to well how easily the ego gets bruised but With the bruises also comes the excitement and proud feeling that comes with each new accomplishment. Keep on keeping on and happy splitting.

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    Sweet video.
    I wouldn’t thought that there would be splitboarders in Iceland!

    I will visit Iceland mid june with my girlfriend. Should I bring my splitboard for some corn runs? Or my mountain bike would be a best bet?

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