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    Date: April 7, 2012

    Location: A happy place in your mind – again

    Weather: As pleasant as you can imagine – again

    Conditions: Mostly powder, but also some wet stuff that was kind of like powder, and down low some really wet stuff that was not really anything close to powder, unless you like cooking cinammon buns and oatmeal with powdered milk.

    Riders: liketoride, fustercluck, and SchralphMacchio

    Captured Memories: Schralph

    2011 Happy Place Trip

    Music: Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

    Find Your Happy Place, 2012 Edition

    I do ask myself, “How did I get here,” and if much has changed in my life in the last year.

    Still at the same company, still a weekend warrior, still single, still getting over some kind of random health issue …

    But I’m also still pushing along, still getting after it, and still taking steps, to go somewhere

    I am pretty close to being recovered from my shoulder injury, and I haven’t had any lung issues in the last 2 years. I also just got a huge promotion at my company to become a Director last week, so things are looking reasonably good.

    For some things, being the same as it ever was is a good thing.

    As long as I have this place to come back to, as my center, I can continue to push forward in other parts of my life.

    I have learned that if you keep up with things that you love, and work hard to do them well, that people will notice …

    … because it’s pretty hard to ignore dedicated acts of passion.

    So I’m back to my Monday morning city life – a full day of meetings and phone calls …

    Back to needing to hit the gym next on weeknights so that I can keep up on the weekends …

    Letting the days go by, water flowing underground …

    But I’ll always know that after the money’s gone,

    I can always go back into the blue again.

    Be Happy!

    Puff Nattie
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    Love the TR, especially Buffy catching some air! :rock: Glad to see you’re doing well

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    Good stuff SM!

    Looks fun. Lemmie know when you’re free for an overnighter to the Crystal.

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    nice…loving the lake method!

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    Good times, good pics, and also good to get out with yet another sb.comer!

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    Love it! We gotta shred sometime Alex. I’d love to be a photo slut 😉


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