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    Date: July 27-27, 2008

    Location: Desolation Wilderness, CA

    Weather: Sunny days with cool nights

    Participants: skyler, bcrider

    Gameplan: Father Son bonding, summit Pyramid Peak

    Beta: see pics or ask

    Pics: bcrider, skyler

    Intro: With summer upon us it marks the time of year for the annual Father-Son trip into Desolation Wilderness, CA. I’ve been taking Sky for nearly 10 years now (since he was 3) and each year it gets better and better. I’m the luckiest father on earth.

    Our plan was to be at the top of Horsetail Falls by dark but a 2 hour HWY 50 road closure put us well behind schedule. I’ve been up the route probably 10 or 15 times and Sky hiked it for the first time when he was 5. Plus adventure is part of what these trips are about so we decided to hike into the night.

    Skyler and Coda at the trailhead.

    Sky puts the finishing touches on a carin. Our goal is the top of the falls in the distance.

    At the pools it was pretty much pitch black.

    Sky shows off his back full of sweat, my boy is turning into a man.

    Some kids hit home-runs and score touchdowns, mine hikes the gnar in the dark with his dad! 🙂

    Even though I’d been up the route numerous times, navigating it at night was trickier than I thought. Add a couple dogs in the mix and it was even more difficult. We pressed on though and set up our hasty camp at the top of the falls around 10:30pm.

    Home sweet Home.

    The next morning we headed north towards Lake Aloha and the base of Pyramid Peak. Sky is taking photo/video as his elective this year so I hooked him up with my old 800IS to start practicing with.

    Coda is stoked.

    Ropi Lake.

    The dam at Toem Lake.

    Toem is a pretty little lake so we took a swim and played fetch with the dogs.

    Pyramid Peak looms above.

    Sierra and Sky chillin.

    Back on the trail.

    We took the same east shore route around Toem Lake that Mmcpheet and I did earlier this spring but later discovered an easier route around the west shore.

    Sky navigates the steep granite. “Use the cracks and trust you Vibram soles Son.”

    No prob.

    Some flowers along the way.

    A nice arrangement created by the ultimate florist, Mother Nature.


    Sky carried some decent weight this trip and takes a break while Dad farts around with his pics. Note the difficult approach to the ridge in the background.

    Sky takes the road less traveled for fun as we continue north.

    Soon we come to Pyramid Lake and look for a spot to camp. Sky and the dogs hang out while dad pitches the tent.


    Haley was sad she couldn’t come with us so we took one of her toys and told her we’d take pic of it along the way.

    Sky and Pyramid Lake.



    Looking up to the peak, 2k above us. From Pyramid Lake the route to the peak is very straightforward and moderate.

    Last light on Mt Ralston.

    Smiles like this are the best reward a father could ask for.

    Being in the shadow of Pyramid the sunset opportunities were minimal but we still enjoyed what color we did see.

    We watched some snowboard porn on my phone between our sets of Gin Rummy.

    Slow shutter before bed.

    Sleep was great on the perfectly flat granite and we woke to some nice light on the peak.

    After breakfast we set out for our hike to the summit.

    Kids are born climbers and Sky finds some fun on the way up.

    Things went well until about here where he had to be talked down. It was a good lesson to respect the rock and know your limits.

    The beautiful granite and snowmelt streams were endless entertainment for Sky.

    Getting closer.

    Once we hit the ridge the smooth, easy granite turned to more difficult rock hopping.

    Soon we were on the summit. Success!

    Haley was there in spirit.

    Great views of Lake Aloha.

    Hi Mom, mission accomplished!

    It was actually cold and windy so we didn’t stay up top too long. Lower down the east face has a series of cool shelves, you could probably fit a couple hundred people on this one. Anyone see camp?


    Our mid-mountain oasis.

    Time rinse the hike off.

    Hmmm, what’s that sound?

    This little guy.

    Haley’s toy even rinsed.

    And soaked up the sun.

    More flowers, gotta look this one up.

    We heart mom and haley.

    Time to head back to camp.

    Ahh the joys of young joints and bones.

    Tired dogs.

    Time for the evening shower.

    And for Sky more searching for these frogs in the making.

    Best of times.

    Nighty night.

    Ah what the heck, it’s the last night, the dogs can sleep in the tent.

    Morning light.

    Time to head home.

    We found a mini-tripod on the trail and put it to use. Sky will probably be taller than me next summer.

    Sierra and Coda.

    I was a little worried about the exit but the dogs and Sky killed it.

    Some folks were bbq’n big time at the trailhead and didn’t think it was as funny as I did when I asked if we were just in time.

    Celebratory drinks and burgers at Strawberry Lodge.

    These trips are so rewarding, thanks for the opportunity Skyler. I love you until forever! 8)

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    10 year tradition? wow!

    nice shots looks like a fun time. sweet kid stoke.

    that one of the BBQ’ers is pretty classic!

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    This is a good reminder of the stoke that comes with being in the mountains. Lake aloha looks real nice and I’m always jealous of the granite you guys have down in the sierra…nice TR

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    Nice, Chris. Sky looks stoked! Good times. We should do an overnighter with Haley and Daisy this summer.

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    Looks like a great trip amongst the slabs of insanity! Nice nighttime approach.

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    This TR brought a tear to my eye.

    Great TR as usual bcr! :thatrocks:

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    Is Sky a teenager now?

    What tent is that you were using? How’s the weight? Would you used it for winter?

    Hope you’re doing good mate!

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    Good lookin trip. Glad it worked out so well for ya.

    I think this flower is commonly called a Tiger Lily, but I’ve heard Leopard Lily as well and I’m sure some botanist would be much more precise. Regardless it is beautiful and amazingly ornate for a hardy Sierra flower.

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