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    So I’ve a question about the durability of the factory splits vs. DIY. I’ve been doing the DIY thing for about 12 years, re-using the same voile kit and some old school sewn together ski skins so I have wall to wall coverage. Where I live there is no ski area so hiking is it. I also don’t work in the winter (nice life I know). So I put a lot of miles on my splits. Thus a DIY lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 years before it cracks, usually in the middle from over flexing during hiking. Also the DIYs seem to “X” over time in which the nose and tail bow (become concave), opening up the crack.
    So this time I’m looking into a factory split as the hole on the plates of my DIY kit have torn out. I’m looking at the NS SL or the Lib T. Rice. I like a softer, freestyle board.
    How’s the flex durability on these softer splits? Am I going to crack one of these hiking like I always do with the DIY?
    What about pop? Do the factory freestyle splits hold their pop over the years?
    I’d like to get more than a couple years out of a $1000 board.
    And what about wall to wall skins? Looking around everything is narrower and in the snow conditions where I live wall to wall coverage makes a huge difference.

    Any input would we awesome.

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    I`ve only experience with factory splitboards, especially Prior BC. One broke after about 150 000hm, the extasy carbon got weak at about 100 000hm. But i Think it depends mostly on the conditions you ride. If you do only resort and/or powder riding it lasts longer, if you ride hard terrain and probably sometimes crash rocks or do a lot of jumps a board “dies” earlier.
    best regards Thomas

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    I have only had factory splits and they have worked great! I only have 2 seasons under my belt thought. 🙂

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    I’ve broken and seen pics of broken diy boards in ski mode. I’ve never seen a factory board break in touring mode before. If any one has please post. The break is always under the touring bracket in the center of a rear t-nut.

    Many factory boards have multi year warranties, so if you did break it then just send it off for replacement and a fresh new warrantied board.

    My wifes Mojo has about 60 days on it in two years. The gap has definitely gotten bigger in the center, but its the capped side wall edition, so I’m not sure if it happens with the norms.

    Finally, we have one diy left of the original four that we lend out and it is still rocking strong.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cool. Well I just couldn’t do it. I got a new deck online for $160 including shipping. Maybe it will only last another two years but the price difference it too huge. Thanks.

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