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    This last weekend was our first Eldorado Peak (video game style) climb. At least it felt kinda like a video game, with about a dozen different, really hard levels, but we beat the final boss and got on top! Somehow from previous TR’s I’d read I way underestimated this peak. It was an ass kicker. Big kudos to anyone who’s ridden this awesome, remote peak.

    Level 1: creek crossing

    Level 2: bush whacking and semi trail

    Level 3: talus field

    Level 4: thin snow-bridges covering upper talus field. This section turned out to kinda suck. While booting my foot went through and I crashed through full body, landing head first in this hole. Luckily I stopped on rocks, just above the running water below.

    Level 5: continuous snow. View back to cascade pass.

    Level 6: we found a sweet camp spot someone else had already dug out for two tents, so we stopped around 6,000 ft.

    Level 7: East Ridge of Eldorado – crevasses were opening in a few spots, but they were pretty obvious

    Level 8: the reason we came – the knife edge ridge to the top

    Level 9: Summit!

    Level 10: crawl back down the knife edge

    looking back at the summit, the only time all day it caught sun:

    Level 11: Snowboarding! into the clouds..

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    Looks sweet, gotta get it off my Hitlist one of these days! Thanks for the TR :headbang:

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    I love the video game analogy. I usually call them super mario’s. Same idea.

    One up for you. 😉

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    A splittin’ betty. Right on. Good TR.

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    that one’s still on my list….

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