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    I hope I can sleep tonight!!! :drool:

    I just finished a new split 61 Timeless. I can’t frigg’n wait.

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    You guys have inspired me with those pics, heading north on 395 as we speak with a bag of Cali burritos. Looking forward to a weekend of boarding, comradery and debauchery.

    Talked to Mary about crashing in my camper or sharing a room if anyone’s up :doobie:

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    7pm Saturday night the party starts. get there earlier if ya want dinner We are doing a meet and greet on Friday at 5pm with backcountry awarness starting at 7pm

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    Great coverage in the Tahoe newspaper:

    Wish I’d been able to go. 🙁

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    Just wanted to thank everyone involved w/ organizing the Echo Lake splitfest…good times…great vibes :doobie: were had by all. Hopefully it will turn out to be an annual event. Always good to meet new people who are willing to get after it. The raffle was just the icing on the cake. Looking forward to seeing you out there :thatrocks: :thatrocks: :thatrocks: May this new storm system rollin’ in dump a truck load on us.

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    Echo Lake happening in 2012?


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    Yes it is please check the 2nd annual Echo Lakes Splitfest event just below this one. Thanks for your inquires. Pray for snow!!!!

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