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    Well done Aaron…fuckin’ A :headbang: I’d love to barge but cannot commit as of yet.

    You driving up Tex?

    wasatch surf
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    damn sounds like a lot of fun. so many good fest going on this year. wish i could make them all.

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    @aksltxlt wrote:

    100 bucks get you everything but breakfast and lunch. The package includes 2 nights at the lodge, Dinner both nights. Split party Saturday night raffle, with live music and drinks from the keg. All you have to bring is yourself and gear. The dirtbag package is 40 bucks and gets you touring at 6am and into the Party Saturday night. 21 and up at the party.

    Don’t need the lodging, but would love to join for the touring/dinner/party.

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    You can contact Strawberry Lodge directly concerning the reservation package, email me if you questions about
    anything at I will be able to email you brochure information as well as a poster.
    Thanks J

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    Hey secretstashes or aksltxlt, I think you should let everyone know some of the awesome people and sponsors who have signed onto the split festival. Time to get folks pumped for this thing!!!

    I guess I should also mention that some lucky folks will get 11×17 prints of these bad boys!!! Let me or secretstashes know if you want to post one up in a shop!

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    Riding lately has been epic and Im so stoked to have a night gig. The Tahoe Backcountry is going off this year! Thank-You everyone who has been helping me with this event, its going to be sweet!! Schralp and Bcrider your reservations at the lodge are under your “real names” To everyone else who wants to reserve the two nights ($100 includes everything)please contact the Strawberry Lodge at (530) 659-7200 (ask for Mary) For everyone who just wants to attend the party You can purchase admission to the party and buy raffle tickets to the party at the door on Saurday night. Thanks -Aaron

    ta hui
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    I work for an event company called CRUX EVENTS in truckee if we need lighting or anything for that matter!

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    Strawberry is looking pretty sick right now

    You need to find a local for all the river crossings

    Face shots down to the lodge

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    nice one K, Strawtitty Fields!

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    Check out the band playing at the fest!

    Northern California Grass on Myspace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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    Nice. Just saw the flyer for this. Stoked!

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    @tiltedworld wrote:

    Don’t need the lodging, but would love to join for the touring/dinner/party.

    Bummed that I now cannot make this – as it is a holiday weekend for my in-laws which means I’m “required” to attend dinner on Saturday. Hope to catch you all out there soon, my deck ships next week, bindings and skins are in route… :clap:

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    Just got time off work so i’ll be there! :thatrocks: Looking forward to meeting/riding with some new and old faces.

    Anyone looking to share a room? Spoke to Mary who said rooms of 4 and 2 are available. Wassup with the $100 deal?

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    100 bucks gets you both nights at the lodge with dinner and into the party Sat night. raffle tickets are extra, The 100 bucks goes straight to the lodge. I talked to Mary today and she seemed to be on the level with everything for the party. If you are not staying at the lodge 20 bucks gets you into the party, and you can buy dinners for both nights at 40 bucks total. Hope to see you all there!

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    ok just filled a room of 4 socal dirtbags…

    thanks for organizing this aksltxlt!

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    Very cool Holbyco! Im stoked to meet the socal crew :headbang: This is gonna be a lot of fun the Strawberry Lodge is rad and the terrain in Tahoe now is muy bueno. The Local Band is gonna go off they play “Skate Grass” style music To everyone driving up its probably a good idea to purchase a snow park permit (but not necessary) Happy splitting -Aaron

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    FYI if your coming up to tahoe before the splitfest the Dead Kennedys are playing at Whisky Dicks on Feb 2nd. Come on out and meet some splitters for a drink :guinness:

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    Hello everyone,

    Here is a glimpse of the raffle items you will be seeing at the Festival…

    1.) Mojo RX/Light Rail binding package

    2.) 100 – Voile Straps

    3.) 2 pr. of Backcountry Poles

    4.) 2 Split Kits(DIY kits)

    5.) 2 Splitboard Skins.

    6.) 3 Mini Telepro T6 avy shovels.

    Thanks to everyone who has already made reservations with the lodge.
    The 100.00 deal will sell out make your reservations ASAP if you want this deal.

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    From Tahoe Weather Discussion:

    “The MJO is now in the Western Pacific heading East and the jetstream is strengthening. That should mean that we begin to see some stronger storms hit CA next week but the models do not show that yet. Hopefully we should see the models change over the next few days. Stay tuned and keep the snow dances going. BA”

    Now I’m definitely not trying to jinx anything but timing could be perfect. Now I’m off to sacrifice a pair of board shorts to the snow gods in penance for thinking this far ahead about Tahoe weather.

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    Flipping through the Tahoe Entertainer during breakfast last weekend … :headbang:

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