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    Echo Splitparty currently being planned for begining of Febuary. Close to beckers, Halls of the gods and ralston. At the Strawberry Lodge Feb 4th and 5th More info to come..

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    Sweet Aaron.

    Echo snopark has been our go to spot to camp the last few seasons. Hey, why don’t we shovel out the ramp too. 😀

    I know BCR has talked about getting a crew to stay at Strawberry Lodge. Maybe that could be an option for people too.

    You guys still dong the Wed. night skate jams? I gotta make it up there before the snow flies.

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    Fri Feb 4th Splitboarding afterparty on the Summit

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    OK Splitters Ive got the Strawberry Lodge reserved for the 1st annual Echo Lake Splitparty! 2 nights Fri and Sat Feb 4th and 5th. This is going to be Legendary. Raffle, Dinner, Keg party, Live music from Local Artist Nico Loco (Reggae tunes) Unlike the Baker Lodge, Strawberry has a full bar, and most of the staff are climbers and fellow outdoor enthusiast. More to come!!

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    This is gonna be fun!

    Here’s a TR from the immeditae area right next to the lodge. Hard to say if we’ll be lucky enough to score conditions like this but I’m sure splitters will make due regardless. There are lots of touring options within a 5-10 min drive from the lodge. Pyramid Peak, Ralston, Ralstonia, Echo Lakes area (Becker, Talking, Flagpole, Echo, etc), even Halls of the Gods and Tallac are close. 🙂


    Looking down to the lodge.

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    Here is a little more information on what is going down.

    Echo lakes Splitparty
    Febuary 4,5,6, 2011
    $100.00 package
    Two night stay, dinner, raffle, Reggae jam band
    Single day packages available
    Touring the mountains in:
    Desolation wilderness, Mokelumne wilderness

    Meet and Greet
    Registration at 6pm (paperwork) group information
    Pizza party
    Sierra Avalanche Seminar
    Tours start @ 6am varying in abilities
    Dinner and a keg
    Tours leaving from 6 to 8am

    Must bring all your own gear, Beacon, Shovel, Probe, also a means to travel into the mtns, splitboard, skins.


    Rico in AZ
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    @secretstashes007 wrote:

    $100.00 package

    Includes lodging and dinner for 2 nights?

    F**k yeah, count me in.

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    100 bucks get you everything but breakfast and lunch. The package includes 2 nights at the lodge, Dinner both nights. Split party Saturday night raffle, with live music and drinks from the keg. All you have to bring is yourself and gear. The dirtbag package is 40 bucks and gets you touring at 6am and into the Party Saturday night. 21 and up at the party.

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    If my back is good-2-go then so am I…count me in

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    we’re in. sounds fun. thanks for setting this up.

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    This is gonna be DOPE!

    Looking over at Talking Mountain from beckers.. (an easy skin)

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    Spark R&D has donated a pair of bindings for the raffle on Saturday night. Thanks Will and Becca.

    Rip and Willies ski and snowboard shop is on board with some gear. Thanks Tom, Karen and Gabe.

    Many more to come…

    Have any special interest in sponsoring this event, just let us know.



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    Add me to the list.

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    Guess who Aksltxlt had a board meeting with? There is gonna be some cool personalized swag at this splitfest!

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    Good snowboarding style and skateboarding really do go hand in hand. Oh ya and although he cannot commit for sure Jeremy is gonna try and make an appearance at the party.

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    Our sponser list is growing…Thank you Dave from Voile, and Ben from Sentury this party is gonna :rock:

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    Prior Snowboards will be joining in on festivities. Thanks for Dean at Prior. :clap:

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    Oh yeah count me in!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Im in on this sheet. :bananas:

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