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    Date: June 14, 2008

    Location: Echo Lake, CA

    Weather: Sunny and warm

    Participants: knucklesplitter, bcrider

    Gameplan: season milking

    Beta: Boat taxi usually runs as early as 7am-8am during the busier months (July-Aug), now it doesn’t start until 9am.

    Pics: bcrider, knucklesplitter

    Intro: I just got back from 10 days on the cali coast and as fun as it was there was still some unfinished business to attend to in the mountains.

    KS on the boat.

    Our first look at the target form the upper boat dock.

    On the summer trail. We rode the upper snowfield below the summit and the sliver of snow in the middle of the pic to the lake.

    Don’t forget to take time to smell the roses.

    Tamarack Lake.

    Ralston Lake.

    On the far end of the lake we traded hiking shoes and shorts for snowboard boots and pants.

    Making our way up.

    There’s plenty of water on the mountain. I brought a liter and water filter instead of carrying 3 liters of weight for the day.

    One more section…

    …and we were on the upper snowfield and stoked to find the snow so smooth!

    KS sets the last booter.

    And gets his June turns on.

    bcr is next.

    Back for another, looking over to the Crystal Range, Jack and Dicks, Lake Aloha and “where’s waldo”.

    Mt Price with some long continuos snow still, hard to say about the texture.

    The suncups are definitely growing.

    Dead ladybug on an acorn.

    More turns.

    Knucklesplitter exits via our approach.

    I opted for the tree chute.

    Looking back at our track graffiti.

    Over to the sliver chute, bcr is stoked.

    KS chooses a line with a little more wiggle room.

    And milks it all as far as he can.

    bcr in hot pursuit does the same.

    Looking back.

    Its melting that’s for sure.

    Back at the boat dock a coldie and foot soak await.

    We made some new friends.

    And eventually the boat taxi came. future headquarters.

    It was a great trip, thanks for coming knucklesplitter!!! :thatrocks:

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    Lame, except for the macro ladybug shot :wink:.

    Worthy of a midweek visit?

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    Its getting cupped and melting (think connect the dots) but there is still fun to be had. I’d be down to go back with ya as long as it didn’t take the place of the upcoming sbag taxi. Holla!

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    Good times, BCR.

    Better check on the S’bag boat taxi. They just changed their website, and I’m interpreting the message that it may no be ready this coming weekend.

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    I like the sliver shots, that looks ‘stight’=steep & tight! Oh and I like the ladybug picture, but I beleive that’s a pinecone, acorns are smaller and smoother and there aren’t many oak trees at that elevation.

    Sorry for not responding to the partners wanted paige I was in Santa Cruz and I’m still on the injured reserve. 😥

    I think Dubs (JimW) and I are planning to do the sbag boat taxi the weekend of the 28th if the Doctors give me the OK to start riding again.

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    Hey Chris, looks like you pretty much milked out what was left on RALSTON. I did the Baldy thing on June 1 via the log and it was pretty much primo top to bottom. Perfectly smooth snow, no cups, and skiing/riding out into the flats. Talking Mtn went all the way to the lake then. It looks like Ralston is pretty much finished now. I did score a $400 dive watch in a small gulch on the bushwack back to the boat which made the price of the boat taxi palatable…jim

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    Looks like you guys had fun!

    You missed a bday party where the beer fridge was BROKEN so no beer on tap. ACK.

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    Thanks all!

    LTR, yeah not too many oaks up there. 🙂 😳

    ps. didnt know you were on the IR. Heal up!

    Thanks for the info. Bummer the taxi probably won’t be running. Still headed down? I might weight even though that means less snow quality.

    Your tracks were still visible on Baldly. Nice score on the watch too. All we found was a chewed up old sleeping bag.

    There’s always next year!

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    Nice….I like this one

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    Nice guys I was also up there on the 14th and I think I saw you guys…Course I was pulling my 30′ ww trailer w/ my truck, and had two kids, two dogs, and a wife so obviously no stoppy for me….plus I didnt have my gear so really to bad by me.

    The peaks straight west of Bishop and a little south of Mt. Tom still looked rideable also.
    and Im not sure what drainage it is but just south of mammoth(kinda straight across from the airfield) there was lots of snow left back in there.

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    reminds me of my WSUS server (thats a windows update server for you non-geeks) – can you say patch management?

    seriously though looks like a fine day, you got some good riding shots and it looks like the snow on top was still decent enough.

    ….you know TEX came up with a good name for that brown viole, the “MR. Hankey” can you say howdy ho?

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    Nice job… I still have yet to do a Desolation tour. Yay – a new goal for next season. Patch management? I was thinking of mumbles’ facial hair.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Speaking of Mumbles, where is he? He hasn’t commented on this thread yet, what’s up?? 🙂

    Nice job. The snow looks better that I thought it would be when viewing it from the hiking trail. I too approve of the stight-ness of the sliver chute, and Mr. Hankey looked quite comfortable in its narrow confines.

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    I think next year a Mr. Hanky has to drop Poop Chute off the Dana Plateau into the Ellery Bowl. Somehow it just make sense. Jimw might get jealous, though. Ride that bowl Mr. Hanky!!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    In case anybody is interested in what’s left up there snapped a pic this wknd

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