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    OK hardboots, I like to give it a try…they could be good in….least some trips…;) But I need your advice!

    What I should buy? Expensive Phantoms or wait for Spark Dynos? Im little bit worried about flex in Spark Dynos but…I don`t know.

    What kind of setup you guys are recommending? What toe piece, crampons?

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    P H A N T O M S

    go with a light weight dynafit toe piece, ive got a set of the original tour-lite techs from the 90’s…still work great! those new maurelli ones are pretty slick too, but youve gotta bend down to get in. sounds like some extra work to me…

    I dont use split crampons, i think youll find your steep skinning/technical skinning way better with the hardboots, so in my opinion the split crampons are added weight and complexity to the system.

    for boot crampons i’ve got 2 sets, cassin aluminum 10 points for climbing snow, and cassin c14’s for climbing technical stuff, both fit on my dynafit tlt’s as wells as my mountaineering boots. just get a set that’s lightweight and fits onto your boots nicely.

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    I’m leaning toward sparks due to cost, but the phantoms look badass and probably are stiffer. I just can’t see spending $350 more, especially this season. I also like and am used to the snow clearing shove of the spark design.

    Pros for phantom: overlap of the pucks, nice looking risers that don’t get in the way and supporting your local aero space engineer.

    Pros for spark: Cost,cost and cost. Smaller area for bindings (maybe easier to stash?). I know how to shove my sparks onto pucks.

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    I dont think you could go wrong with either. Just made a version of phantoms and props to John for the design and bringing a low profile binding to market.
    The main advantage is the overlapping pucks, I’ve been on diy overlapping puck for years now and you def feel the difference.
    That said if you feel that your current puck gives you enough support the low profle dynos will work just fine.
    Don’t forget Ranger toeclips, cheaper and lighter, just ordered a set for this year to test out.

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    You won’t regret the phantoms. They are awesome. And I think they will pack away better then sparks IMO.

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    Decided to go for Phantoms. Spark system have probably more flex and I don´t like that. I still remember times with Voile plates and I don´t want to go back in that. That problem is fixed now with soft boot setup, so there is no reason to go back in that with hard boots.

    Really excited to test hardboot system. With soft Spark bindings I (and others) had difficulties sometimes to flex board with “knees” (you know what I mean?) because my boots was just “rolling” in bindings. I think that problem is going to be fixed with hard boot system. And of course some other problems in mountaineering use.

    Can´t wait to the test!
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    Wise choice. Phantoms are a game changer. Enjoy.

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    Bit the bullet, phantoms are on the way (have modded siderals). Here’s to an early and long snow season in AZ…

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    I’m looking to jump into this market and I’m curious if anyone has done any comparisons? It sounds like Phantoms are well loved but I haven’t read much about the Dynos. According to my calculations the tour mode weight difference is almost negligible, yet the Dynos are cheaper once you sum everything up.

    I’m really curious about the rigidity of the two systems. I don’t want it to be too rigid, so it becomes a little more forgiving. Just curious what the opinions are out there.

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    Hey WhitePIne, I answered in the other thread in the Spark section.

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    Yeah thanks. I didn’t find the Sparks specific section until after I had posted that question. It was good. I think I’m going to experiment with the Dynos cause the Phantoms are a little cost prohibitive for me. At the moment.

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    Hi, what is peoples take on this matter now in 2019 considering weight, robustness and ease of use?

    Considering jumping ships from soft boot setup 🙂



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    I have a front foot angle way beyond 30 degrees ruling out a phantom set up, so for my hard boot adventures I picked up a set of the Splitboard powers from France. 275 grams, well designed and beautifully machined/finished. Price was upper 300s.

    Splitboard Hardboot SPX 275 binding

    I dig the Spark stuff, have a new pair of arc pros in the family, but 275 grams vs. 409 for the Dynos for a single plate made these a slam dunk for an extra $100 for me. Shipping might have been $25, don’t remember. I also like the plastic Voile toe lever on the 275 over a metal one.

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    @trygve: After 4 seasons and more than 200,000m of vertical with my phantom split-tech system, I can no longer compare. I sold my soft boot setup 4 years ago. My occasional days in a ski resort are also fun as hell. Embrace change; jump ship.

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    Just chiming in on the Spark Dynos. I have probably 200+ days on my original set and I use them riding the lifts as well. Bomber. I require nothing more.

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    I still love my Dynos. However, if I were buying a completely new setup I’d probably buy the phantoms. It’s more of a complete package. That being said, my touring gear is now collecting dust here in sunny SoCal. I miss naturally snow covered mountains.

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    I just ordered the new M6 binders from Phantom. But also have Arc Pros from last year.

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