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    This is more of an informative post and an admission of my own mistakes than anything else.

    I didn’t jump on the fall preorder for Phantom bindings because I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing this season so I missed out there. Just after Christmas my GF offered to split the cost of new toes for my split; she could use my old toes. I went to my local shop and they ordered a pair of Dynafit Speed Superlite toes which seem to be the right compromise between ultra light at ~78g each instead of ~145g each for the radical toes without the outrageous price of the LowTech Race toes ($135 each vs $200 each).

    Unfortunately Dynafit didn’t have crampon receptors available at the time that I ordered my toes and I didn’t ask for a price assuming that it would be inline with the receptors for the Radicals. Instead of the $5-10 that I was expecting the receptors are going to cost me another $50.

    The last mistake that I made was ordering the Spark adapters knowing that the weight is counterproductive but not wanting to commit these toes to just one board and as a stop gap to quiver killers. The mounting pattern is the same as the Radicals which helps but the hardware that comes with the Spark adapters does not fit into the sockets and the sockets are deeper than the Radicals. Even worse it that the adapter does not support the wings on the toe pieces as they are slightly narrower than the Radicals that the adapters seem to be cut for.

    To add insult to injury I saw on FB that Phantom still has stock available the day after my adapters arrived. The price of their touring kit is lower than what I have pieced together and the Phantom kit looks to be better integrated.

    Don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made chasing small amounts of weight reduction.

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    Sorry about your rig man. That sucks.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Thanks for the sympathy. I think I’ll probably end up with either Quiver Killers or Binding Freedom inserts but I only have ~9.5 mm of total board thickness to work with and the insert are 9 mm so I’ll have to get creative.

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