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    just trying to go to an uber lightweight setup and wondering if anyone knows of any dynafit-compatible soles which can be either bought or retrofitted to the old-school raichle/deeluxe hard boots, in order to use the dynafit toe (and optionally heel) pieces in split mode whilst still using a normal hard boot bail setup when in board mode

    the old raichle style shells are 4 hole. and yes, I could get newer dynafits but the problem is the overhang (kinda low for use with my existing binders) plus the fact that I’d have to shell out uber $$, and my old shells fit like a glove !



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    Don’t know for sure, but I think there is a thread over on TGR on modifying some regular alpine or alpine touring boots with DIN soles for dynafits. Might not be a step by step, but should get some ideas percolating I think.

    That was Pontus

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    Unfortunately I cannot help with your question.

    There is nothing close to lightweight about any Raichle / Deeluxe hardboots that I have seen. We have owned several pairs for carving (Suzukas, Lemanns, 242s, Track 700s, Track 225s) and they are seriously beefy compared to modern lightweight AT boots that are typically used for splitting.

    Many of us now ride the Dynafit TLT5 Mountain AT boot. I am not sure what bindings you use but overhang does not seem to be an issue for anyone so far. They are super lightweight, low profile, skin and climb incredibly well, and have a really good flex for riding. There is a long thread about them. Yes, they are $$. There are other models that also work well and can sometimes be found used for cheaper.

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    I only mentioned deeluxe because raichle became those I think at one point, but I am specifically talking about the old school raichles. I didnt say they were stock ! in any case, mine are considerably lighter than what you think they might weigh (lots of mods n custom bits). but thats not the point really, I dont wanna buy new boots, just lookin for soles… for the 4-hole sole pattern.

    the main reason I am asking is that |I think i have seen these somewhere but cant remember where

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    I had posted the following under the UPZ boot thread

    I found this post about adding/repair Dynafit binding fittings on

    Why do you want to modify old boots for Dynafits? The true value of Dynafits for splitboarding

    1) that allows for more comfortable stride while touring and skinning up; by using an AT boot that flexes under the ball of the foot, such as Dynafit TLT 5, Scarpa F1 or Scarpa F3. or

    Does one really save weight using Dynfits toe pieces in comparsion to what Vapor’s binding he just posted? (see the link below).

    2) one wishes to add toe/heel rise and/or canting to the voile slider plate. Vapors’ post. is an awesome example of this binding.

    3) You wamt to try something crazy and add a complete dynafit binding to a splitboard. see this thread for both the pros and the cons.

    Now is the time to look for killer deals for AT boots both in local shops and online. For example Ragged Mountain sports (a sports consignment store) in Carbondale, Colorado, had a pair of F1s (like new) size 27 for $100 dollars. I went back there last week and the F1s were sold.

    Please consider posting some pics of the your raichle/deeluxe hard boots, as I am curious about what you modifications you have made.

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    thanks thats exactly kind of info I am lookin for

    I will try n posts pics someday (gotta figure out how)

    FWIW I found some black diamond brand dynafit compatible toe / heel soles (4 bolt) at the local shop for $45… I’m trying to fit them on will update.

    ps. I am running old burton raceplates direct mounted on the voile sliders if it matters (had to widen the holes a bit to make it fit)

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