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    Tahoe will deliver! 4+ feet of snow, inches of rain, a side of mashed potatoes…. But rest assured Tahoe will deliver, check it out, the season so far
    cross country skiing is good!

    “The big dump” was overrated, came in cold and windy, North and east facing winds made for tasty frosted flakes

    Good thing I oiled up my vibram soled, fine leather Italian snowboots.

    Days of sunshine cold temps and the snowpack is still sketch

    But, it was BOTTOMLESS

    Crescent and the sisters

    “If there was just more snow” im sick of hearing that lately

    Skied firebreak free heel goofy style

    I think ill go sk8

    Ill think ill go sk8

    ^ Jon in G-ville is a ripper, and always shovels out the bowl

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    desperation = nordic skiing at heavenly! (though most of that mountain seems better suited for that type of gear anyway.)

    nice job gettin what you can. the season is yet young–have faith!

    Huck Pitueee
    145 Posts Good season so far. More snow would be nice but conditions a worth the suffering to get to.
    That last 4 inch “dump” really helped. We had wind to transport snow a bit.

    Huck Pitueee
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    😯 Glad you are getting some, sharing stoke, and OK. That would have suuucked.

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    Impressive dedication to sniff out some fun little zones and good reminder that those areas still holding white stuff are facet factories.

    Exciting sugar wallowing out there for the curious and motivated.

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    Facets! Theat would have been a crummy place to slide through.

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    Dang Huck 😯 Ive been sketched on this snowpack since that first dump! 3 feet on top of sugar!

    Pray to the snow gods for a big wet dump… and soon!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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