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    Over the last few seasons I’ve gone through about 8 pairs of poles. mostly because they keep breaking. I had the BD Expedition poles and they worked great, except on cold days they could freeze up once they were compacted. Then I moved on to the BD Compactor poles. No more freeze ups! incredibly small so I can throw them inside my pack and lightweight. I’ve used both the Carbon and Aluminum versions. BUT, they break. Either the inner cord which holds them together wears down or the pole will flat out break at one of the joints. BD has been great in replacing any poles I’ve broke but its pretty annoying having a pole break half way through your day. I’ve usually continued on with my ONE working pole which is very awkward but it sucks.
    Anyone have experience with other brands? Recommendations? I like the pole to be a three-piece since every two piece I’ve seen or used tend to act like antennas on my back while riding.
    maybe i’ll just start using the expedition poles again, at least they haven’t broken on the way up.

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    Been using Expeditions for 10+ years with absolutely no problems. Don’t store them compacted, and allow them to dry when not in use and they shouldn’t freeze. Maybe take them apart for storage.

    Sounds like you are hard on poles, so maybe compactors are unable to withstand the amount of abuse you are putting them through. Beef up to Expeditions and treat them right and you should be good.

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    Agreed on the expeditions. I have played around with the compactors and they are not as solid as the expeditions.


    The freeze ups almost always happen after I’ve reached the top of my line and compact them for the ride down. they work fine for the tour up. but when I go to break them out at the bottom of the run for the skin back to the car that’s when they are stuck. I guess maybe I should do a better job of clearing off any snow or ice that’s on them and maybe strap them to the outside of my pack rather than inside.
    either way, its back to the Expeditions for me. Thanks

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    Agreed with shredgnar. I’ve had the same pair of expeditions for about 5 years. Take them apart each night to dry. If you do feel a bind starting, take a peace of sand paper lightly to them by hand to remove condensation build up. Also, don’t hit them on trees or rocks, they aren’t there to clear bush and tree branches.

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    ^ . . . Or ride with solid (or 2-piece) poles in your hands.

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    I use BD ellipticals… I’ve had 4-5 seasons on them and also use them for backpacking. Not sure if they still make them though. I haven’t looked for any in some time.

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    Which model Expeditions do you have? Way old blue upper shiny lower ones, quite new full gray coated ones or the newest black ones? They grey coated ones were poop, crappy camlocks. I´ve had to use a grey middle section since the original mid section bent after about 6 years of use, when I loaned them to a friend.. Used them as a selfie stick and crashed to a tree. Well, anyways, the grey middle part combined with the older shiny lowers seem to cause sticking issues I´ve not experienced previously.

    For the past two seasons they´ve been black/yellow with the older better flicklock design. No experience with these.

    I saw quite interesting Gipron poles last year in Chamonix, but for some reason I didn´t buy, maybe becouse I´m a bit cheap on replacing working gear 🙂 They were called Peuterey FlickLock but are not available online or even at Gipron site. Weird.

    They were like these but lower flicklock was a pushbutton. They were quitte fast to deploy, you pushed the button and pulled the handle, I´d say equivalent to Z-poles. They used less space than full on Z-poles and had one flicklock for adjustability, though with the long handle it´s not really necessary. No idea about durability, because I didn´t buy them, but they do have the wire, so so..

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    @jmautio IDK man. I had some 4-piece poles (K2 & MSR) and I’ve come to the conclusion the diameter of the 4th, smallest shaft is simply too small for a string enough button/spring mechanism like those Griphons. Besides skinny, alu poles are weak. That’s why BD upped the shaft diameters on whippets a few years ago.

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    Im using some BD Expedition poles. There are a few different models as pointed out. Shiny metal/blue ones were crap they oxidized really bad if you didnt dry em out properly and they had the plastic locks were were crap.
    There are a black and red model with metal locks which are solid as fuck. They also have the hook on the end of the hand grip for pulling up heel risers. The ones i use at the moment are pretty similar to the black and reds they are grey and blue and i rate em, never had an issue with them. had one case where they froze this winter but they melt if you rub em a bit. Havent used the Black/Yellow ones but they seem ok.

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