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    Boat Shredder
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    So the standard is 2 Karakoram clips. Would it be taboo to rock 4? Essentially replacing the nose and tail clips with more Karakoram clips. Will that be pointless or could it potentially enhance the ride?

    Matt Wood
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    Not on my watch Ben. :ninja:

    Boat Shredder
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    haha i’m not thinking of doing it especially since thats an extra 50 dollars I’m not ready to spend. For those that are wondering what I’m talking about, matt is doing my split right now. Don’t worry Matt, I’ve already ordered the hardware. It was just something that crossed my mind.

    But seriously, I’m curious as to who may have done this.

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    I mounted 3 clips. Two clips in front and one rear (still using plastic locks for front and end tip).
    My bindings were mounted a bit more to the back so there was long surface and I decided to use 2 clips. Before the second clip mount halves were like scissors between bindings and clip.

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    I have three K clips on both of my older boards to help stop the “sheer” effect that bothers me so much. It definitely helps a lot and i think it’s necessary, especially on my DIY skunk ape and the beat T.Rice i have. I add the third clip just above my back binding below the tour bracket.

    I do notice that the new Jones Solution i picked up this summer has much less “sheer or scissor” than my other boards. I think i am still going to add an overlap carbon fiber clip that i make, in front and behind each binding because it will make it as solid as can be. I havnt riden the solution yet because there is no snow in CO, so i will have to see how much the sheer is first.

    I also think that the sheer effect is worse on my K set up compared to my spark R&D bindings.

    Wait till you get the board back and see how bad the sheer is when rocking the bindings back and forth in opposite directions. if it bothers you, add a clip.

    Fast and smooth

    Matt Wood
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    It won’t be needed, that Raptor is super stiff. Looks so sexy in front of my fireplace with a nice coat of satin marine urethane dying on its fresh cut edge…. I swear I’m not touching myself.

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