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    First I just want to say the Trip Reports this season have been ridiculously impressive and I am so jealous of the powder and lines you all have been riding, so much gnar and sickness. You are all my heros and heroines!

    It was a really fun weekend=I rode my snowboard until I could barely walk. Sadly I forgot my camera on Saturday, so I don’t have any pictures of the radness that occurred on Saturday.

    I did get the camera on Sunday and was able to capture some of the sunny sky slush surfing and hiking.

    SanFrantastico booting

    Dogs booting

    Kick it root down

    Kiva gets summit fever

    I thought I forgot my goggles, so SF offered to let me borrow his 7-11 sunglasses, but he informed me that I would owe him $9.99 if I crashed on my face and broke his shades. I’m glad I found my goggles, because I have a hard time not crashing on my face.

    SF carve

    Sierra chasing SF

    Looking down the hill



    Kiva never gets tired of chasing snowboards down the hill

    From here we were able to see our bootpack track in North Bowl from Saturday

    Getting kind of bushy down low

    SF spraying the slush

    Sierra likes it

    This is a short video of SF riding a gully. I run into a tree while filming and the riding is pretty fun to watch, however the film itself is poor quality and my glove is in the top of the frame the whole time. Enjoy:

    Thanks for riding with me it was super fun!

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    Sure, it’s not over the shoulder pow or endless trips into the white room, but still good fun… Nice little vid too… Hope the tree was okay… 😉

    Hit up Kirkwood and the near country there Friday and still had some fun… Spring in Tahoe isn’t so bad… Just seems to be here a bit early this year…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Yeah – seems like true winter only lasted for about 8 weeks around here. Still, it’s hard to feel too gloomy when the sun is shining on such a beautiful peak. Thanks L2R (and Sierra & Kiva)!! What a perfect spring day!

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    I truly beleive that time spent riding my snowboard is better than any other thing in the world period. So it was a great day with great spring conditions. I just don’t feel ready for spring, seems like winter was too short, it’s always too short.

    I’m going North to chase the colder more wintery snow this week, maybe I can talk it into coming back down to California with me, so we can extend winter a little bit longer down here. 😉

    I’ll be riding at Mt. Hood Meadows on Thurs. and Mt. Bachelor on Friday if anyone in the area is off work and wants to ride with me send me a pm.

    (I think the tree will be fine, it was a low speed collision)

    Splitboarding is the answer unless Splitbooting is the answer, either way we're going snowboarding because America!

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    Between y’all and my ‘owe BCRider pics’ TR there were some dogs and splitties on Jakes this weekend.

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    Cool guys. It seems we’ve been going back and forth between winter and spring conditions every week.

    We’re probably headed north too. Just not to Oregon. Come meet us at Shasta on Sat/Sun. It looks like the storms might clip Nor Cal.

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    Nice meeting you 2 and Tex® at the parking lot of Kirkwood, errr I mean Tallac.

    See you out there. 🙂

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    LTR, you and SF have put up TRs that RIP too, so thank you for the stoke. Almost every one has bright sunshine and smiles on both your faces, so winter or spring must be treating you right. I’m in spring denial with more free time in the weeks ahead than in the weeks behind. It is nice to see some storm bands and low temps rolling through the PNW, I may have to ditch work a day or two or three. Thanks for sharing.

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    You guys are animals! especially Kiva and Sierra

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    Hola mmcpheet! Nice meeting you too… sorry for the towlie mixup. There are only 3 or 4 skiiers on so you’d think I could keep them straight. I hope you found some fun snow Sunday.

    PJ – L2R is flying to oregon and of course I’m headed to the split party in the Eastern Sierra next weekend. But we’ve been formulating a plan to shuttle *assen proper whenever the main road opens. Want in? They’ve already started plowing.

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    @wavy wrote:

    You guys are animals! especially Kiva and Sierra

    That was our fastest ascent ever… because Sierra would bark and go nuts if we rested too long. She wanted to get up that mountain and ride!

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