Forums DIY and Mods Does universal pucks works with a existing inserts?
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    So when I am using Voile universal pucks they can be screw in to existing insert, talking about DIY board not a factory split?

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    Nope. Sorry.

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    Another option (depending on how patient you are and what your budget looks like) would be to search the threads on the Edison Binding and wait till they come out. It can use the standard 4×4 solid hole pattern.

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    I’m new to the this and doing all the research for a DIY, but one of the forum members here seems to be recommended for build advice/help/parts or even doing a professional job. He has, or uses a site (german website) that has a ‘puck blanks’ that the voile sliders work on, I’m guessing you need to drill the holes into the them and split them where you want to. They are on the site for €12.00, don’t know what he would charge with shipping.

    (on the main page the #2 and #3 tabs show the raw blank and the blank put onto the board after its been machined, looks like it was hollowed out for weight savings)

    his forum name is ” Burton “

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    I pm “Burton’ ( and he said “that he no longer makes these puck adapters”

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    Contact “Firstlight” in the forum. He makes custom pucks and should be able to help you out.

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    A buddy of mine had some spare time on the cnc and build some pucks for our diy boards. Holes drilled and center cut. They use two of the factory inserts and one ski screw per puck. So no t-nuts needed for the pucks. I mentioned to him that people on here might be interested. I’ll post some pictures some time.

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    Thanks everybody for answer!

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    Chair 2 Board Sports sells the puck blanks also

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    These are what WALOVE was talking about.

    I recently had some time on my hands and have access to a CNC machine. I just built 3 sets of the pucks that are shown below. The current pucks have angles of 15* positive and 12* negative. they are cored out on the bottom to shave some weight. I have been working on making a set that is adjustable from 0 to 30* positive and 0 to 30* negative. They use the factory inserts and a single ski screw per puck, which gets rid of having to drill holes for t-nuts. It also saves a good amount of weight. They are made of UHMW and i have used them about 10 so far and will be doing some extensive testing this weekend. The picture is of one of the pucks on my roommates new split.

    PM me if you are interested. I will post pictures of the adjustable ones when i get them made, hopefully within a week or so.

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    How did the test work out? Any pics of adjustable pucks?

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    Testing went very well. Both the set on my board and on my buddys board had no issues. I actually think that they iced up less than the Voille pucks do, the bindings slide on easy but are still a firm secure fit.

    I have not had time to make a set of the adjustable pucks yet. I just ordered material for them yesterday and I’m hoping to get at least one set made by the end of the week if i can get some machine time. I will post pictures once i have a set completed.

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