Forums DIY and Mods does it matter what type of core, board for DIY -Ride Decade
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    It is only a board with a wood core good for a split or a fiber glass is ok as well? thinking about split a Ride Decade
    does any body split it already?
    Thx ziby

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    You can split any type of core, but full wood will be the easiest to not only cut, but also mount the hardware with. It will hold up against abuse much better also.

    I split a foam core rossignol and it worked ok, however I have already put a dent in the inside edge just from walking over a stump. Wood cores just all around work better.

    Matt Wood
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    Find out what core it has, Ride has been putting all kinds of shit in there cores the last few years. My current setup is an older DH, I think it has poprods but they are not within the cut. I split a 10/11 Fleetwood this year with some kind of carbon stringer BS, freeked me out when the blade started throwing sparks. IMO the board lost all of its stiffness, and rides like shit.

    Wear long sleeves, a GOOD respirator, and glasses. I find Rides to be pretty toxic.

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    The core is the MOST IMPORTANT thing about a DIY. Find a good solid (full length if possible) wood core board and split it. You will get a much better, stronger and longer lasting board. Stay away from carbon fiber too! Try a NS, Venture, Unity, Lib Tech, Prior, Option, Etc…

    Good Luck! :thumpsup:

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    Uffff! I only found out about this ride Decade the core is wood!! is my friends board, he lives abroad so we only checked now I didn’t know the year of production so was hard to say. It is a board in link:
    I rode this board once and was pretty nice and stiff board so hope fully will be a nice split.
    Thanks every one for the answer! Ziby

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