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    Being sick in the summer sucks!
    I was sick and bored today so I thought it would be fun to make a season edit of my footage. I threw this together this afternoon. Nothing artistic. Just pow shredding 😀
    Enjoy! (Sorry for the lack of air. I’m old and fragile):

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    Yes, yes I do miss powder! Sweet stoke man! I like the initial footy of the gladed tree riding. Reminds me of some of my favorite terrain up here in Oregon. Love the glades! Also nice work on the steeper stuff – looks fun. Guess for now we’ll have to settle for volcano corn until the pow returns next fall 😉 Nice work on Shasta too btw.

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    Always stoked to see a new BG post… mostly cuz, I’m curious to see what tunes are getting thrown down :thatrocks:

    As far as no air involved.. you need to carry a Paris Hilton type pocket dog around. Then train said pocket pooper to bite yer bean bag everytime you don’t catch air…. problem solved :nononno:

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    In a word… Yes! I also miss my Ex-Girlfriend and my dead dog, You’re making me cry BGnight. 😥

    Thanks for sharing the stoke buddy! :thumpsup: You dont ride like an old man either!

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    +1 on being old and fragile :mrgreen: . Plenty of stoke in that vid :rock: :rock: :rock: The answer is Yes

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    I haven’t watched this yet BG, but I have some powder footy to edit from the year, mind if I make a thread jack and post on this, and keep the powder stoke rolling?

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    Sick sickity!

    Normally I am anti POV, but that was very watchable. Love the way you attack your lines.
    (same goes for Utah). I remember the spiny sction from when you posted it before. nice encore… Funny how much of your season you can cram into a 6 minute video. sountrack bring back lots of memories.

    and yes, I miss powder. Haven’t really been all that enthused to get out on the corn much… and it’s a banner spring/summer for it.

    get well soon.

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    Yeah SG, we can make this a season edit thread!
    And UTAH should definitely take the time to do one. I’d watch that.

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    BG, just watched it, great stuff :thumpsup: You got me stoked to sit in front of a computer for a bit, been wanting to do an edit for a while. Supposed to monsoon tonight, so good day to do it.

    Its too bad on 1/2 the good runs this year my headcam crapped out (mostly user error), but I am going to have a pow focused fun season edit upcoming.

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    nothing wrong with “just pow shreddin” edits in middle of july. nice work brooks. if getting sick makes you put out one of these next year…well i dont hope you get sick again next year, but maybe just pow sick :mrgreen:

    kind of easy to tell what was eastside and what is tahoe. one really annoying thing though was the number of times in which pow was spraying. please cut that stuff out. haha just kidding.

    had to update here to add that good things do happen in summer. your shasta stuff is unreal. so stoked shasta is this good this late in the year. also i think i recognize your avatar from 6-7-8 right? that was pretty late for bishop area. i wonder how that area is this year?

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    I’m really pissed that you posted that. Doesn’t look like any good snow there at all.
    You ride like a girl. Just look at all that snow. How annoying.


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    :rock: that is all good sir :thatrocks:

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    Thank you for the stoke… Man be proud old and fragile, thats some good shit…

    Thank you for Sharing :doobie:

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    I’ll definitely gonna be adding to this thread at some point. I’ve a couple TRs that I’ve been putting off too..but I figure through procrastination, I’ll have stoke to share all through August.

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    My contribution: Longer, and slightly fluffier then BG’s post, but hopefully you find it fun, and it can contribute to the stoke. Oh powder, how I miss you.


    Riders included by amout of appearance: Summersgone, Skatebananas, JCMarechal, Washwood, Bones Get Broke, Splitrippin

    Sorry its so long, I found it hard to drop things that were so fun from the editing block. My original plan was to be around 5 minutes, but I stared editing with friends and family in mind, so it made it longer. Maybe I’ll try a edit thats <5 minutes, but it looks like the weather is nice again.

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    not me but this is good.

    Rico in AZ
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    Summersgone, that was fucking sick! I now have a powder boner at work.
    I hope you guys will let this tourist tag along this winter.

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    Great edit SG!

    ok, who bit it after their air in the follow me cam?

    and rico, watch closer around 3:15 and it should take care of that boner.

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    Thanks guys!

    The follow cam fall was done by Washwood, but all other falls by yours truely. It was a common joke of the winter that it wasn’t a tour until I ate shit. My opinion is, if your falling, your not trying! 😆

    Glad someone noticed the 3:15 part. Best part was the skier had no idea until the next day when we showed him the footage.

    And Rico, your always welcome to come in, would love to show you around. There will also be a Silverton Splitfest around end of march / april next winter, so all are invited to that.

    wasatch surf
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    damn good work fellas.

    bg- thanks for starting this. great style loved the mini chutes at the beginning.
    sg- nice vid man. funny how good intentions to make a short vid turn long. my opinion is if you like the footage you got, use it. I watched the first couple minutes in one sitting and I just watched the rest now and i’m glad all of it was in there so I could get two doses of stoke.

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