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    Did my first splitting this year and am hooked.
    I rented the split this year but now I’m starting on a DIY skunk ape (169).

    After reading up on the process on this great site one design decision still needs to be made regarding the Cut.

    I’ve read about using Carbon to seal the Cut. Who has tried this, and what was the experience?

    Pictures and updates to follow soon (Split kit in backorder :banghead: )


    Matt Wood
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    Just urethane it is my :twocents: . A little touch up from time to time and your good to go. Personally I thin the first coat, about 20%, It adds to the dry time but I believe it penetrates deeper. 2 additional coats and done deal. The skunk is gonna be a sick split. Get it done and get after it.

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    My splitkit finally arived and I started with the first step.
    Splitting the board, as Libtech has no metal edges on the nose an tail I decided to use a Sawbank (don’t know if this the correct term for something we in dutch call an “Zaagbank”)
    My thinking was that this was the best way to saw through it in one single motion.
    I used and lage (an straight piece of wood) and taped my board on it (used a lot of tape….)

    Im Super happy with the Cut.

    Now its on to the coating. And then some waiting. The urethane I bought takes 7 days before it is completely settled.
    (Thanks Mat for the tip, i’ll thin it down a bit on the first layer)

    i’ll update again next week.

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    All Done.

    The hooks fit and the fit is real snug.

    Everything is mounted without any problems.

    Im taking the ape for a test ride next week, will post some pictures. The snow will be slush but what the hell.
    I need to test this before the winter is over.

    Matt Wood
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    Wish I had a sliding table saw 🙁 . Looks awesome.

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    It’s a beauty!! That board should rock :bananas:
    Longing after a bigger Mervin board as a split myself.

    Good work!


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