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    I am fortunate to have access to a machine shop and some good people that are actually machinists. So I took a crack at making some rudimentary Dynafit Speed Radical toe piece to Voile Touring bracket adapters. They ended up working but aren’t pretty or light! It’s more of a first revision and practicing my basic metal shop skills than anything.

    I used the toe piece itself and the Voile touring bracket as my templates. I roughly lined up the pivot points and used transfer punches to mark the holes to drill starting with a rectangular 1/4″ thick plate of 6061 Aluminum. Unfortunately the countersunk holes of the toe piece and the sheet metal touring bracket don’t support a transfer punch well and I’m not too skilled at lining things up by eye. This resulted in my stride being crooked with respect to the board. :banghead:

    As you can see it’s actually pretty bad!

    Once I had the holes drilled and things were going to work. I scribed the rough outline of the toe piece and band sawed them out. I also milled a slot in the middle and removed some additional material by drilling a couple holes.

    Not too bad doing nearly all operations by hand!

    I then made a climbing wire adapter to move the climbing wire to the heel of the boot. This was much easier since all holes only need to (roughly 😉 ) be along the same line. This was done by just using the climbing wire plate as a template and transfer punches. Then I put the boot in the toe piece and marked where I wanted it to hit and drilling those holes. I will cut a lot more material to make them lighter next chance I get as they are currently just big hunks of aluminum with some holes in them.

    It will get the job done for a bit!

    In the end it was a fun little project. However I drew a print that locates the holes and all other features. I will use a vertical milling machine (Bridgeport Series I) to do all the operations so I don’t have anything crooked or weird going on. I’d also be able to take down the material thickness to make it lighter.

    That said, in the end I think installing Quiver Killers would be a really good option for part time Dynafit hard booters like myself.


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