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    Just curious if anyone has any ideas splitting a Burton board with the triangle insert pattern? The center inserts sit right in the middle of the board.

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    Carbide blade..

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    Is that like a 3×3 insert with 4 inserts in the centreline on each foot? Because that sounds like a bad plan. Your saw will try to rip out the insert, depending on what saw you use up to a point. But even if you do manage to get a clean cut you still have to fill up 8 “holes” per side.

    If you must use this board, I would drill them out first to about 8mm or untill you see wood. Fill the holes with a thin epoxy (maybe mixed with microfibres or another filler). Do this BEFORE you cut the board, and hopefully the saw will cut clean through the epoxy filled holes leaving you with a clean cut on both sides.

    I’ve not done this myself, so don’t curse me if it doesn’t work.

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    sharp carbide blade cuts right through them, no tearing.

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    I was thinking of reaming the inserts out with a drill press before splitting. Any recos on filler material?

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    epoxy mixed with wood powder(fine sawdust), peanut butter consistency

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