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    Mods, please remove this thread. There needs to be some action taken to show that this kind of crap really has no place on this board IMO

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    (spammer and posts have been deleted)

    Just a quick note to let folks know how we can deal with spammers.

    A spammer is someone or something (computer program i.e. “bot”) that register on forums like ours to solicit various things i.e. pills, cell phones, barbie dolls, etc.

    Each new person that registers on the forum is manually activated by me. When doing so, there’s very little information I have other than their username and email address to determine if they are an actual person looking to participate in the forum or a spammer. Often usernames are somewhat cryptic so it doesn’t make it any easier. For example powpowrider is obviously a splitter but is mt101 a splitter or a spammer?

    Just like activating a new acct is manually done by me so is deleting spammers. There was a time when I could read every single thread in every single forum on the board but with the growth we’ve seen over the years it’s near impossible for me.

    So how can we all help?

    If you see a thread posted by a spammer, just send me a quick PM with a link to the thread and I’ll take care of it. Right now that’s going to be the easiest solution.

    Over the summer I hope to upgrade the phpbb forum software or move to an entirely different forum software such as vBulletin as well.

    Folks have offered to help with moderation (activating and deleting accts) but at this time sending me a PM is my preferred option.

    Thanks for your help and for making the best splitboard/bc snowboarding resource on the web! :thatrocks:

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    Somewhat o/t…

    Are we gonna get to test drive the new software or are we just gonna wake up one morning to something radically different? Maybe this software is lacking from an admin perspective, but it works pretty well for users IMO.

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    @philip.ak wrote:

    Are we gonna get to test drive the new software or are we just gonna wake up one morning to something radically different?

    If we move to a whole new platform I’ll definitely give folks a heads up and what to expect.

    As for a test drive, you can poke around TGR as they use vBulletin for their forum. Ironically there’s a recent thread about spammers on their forum too so changing the platform doesn’t mean we’ll never see a spammer post again.

    @philip.ak wrote:

    Maybe this software is lacking from an admin perspective, but it works pretty well for users IMO.

    I agree which is why we’ve kept using it for so long (and it’s free where vBulletin is not).

    phpbb works well and is simple but a more robust platform could also be nice. My main priority if we move to vB is to ensure it’s a smooth conversion/transition and we don’t lose any threads. In theory it should be but it always makes me a little nervous taking on such a project (even with a back-up).

    ps. cool new avatar you got there!

    Rico in AZ
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    Yeah, nuke the spammers! The Barbie doll thread never got as funny as it should have!

    Bcrider, if I may ask, and considering I am a total jong when it comes to administering message boards, what do spammers hope/stand to gain when they don’t include a link to a website. I’ve never understood why they would make the effort to sign up, wait for activation, log on, type up a post of blathering irrelevant garbage, without inculding a link to some website presumably to infect our computers or sell us some useless shit. [/end rant]

    Or is it more sinister than that? (I suspect so.)

    And I’ve been wondering why, here on, we don’t have something like “Captcha”. Isn’t that supposed to keep the bots and spammers out? Or won’t PhPbb support that?

    There. I’ve tipped my hand. I am a total computer jong.

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    Barbie dolls….we really did let that slip away. Computer Jong here too. Tgr confuses me and I think this is pretty easy to use. Is spam that bad here? I agree if we all helped to keep it cleaned up it would be that less of a problem.

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    If you are manually activating accounts, that site will nail about 90% of the forum spammers. Before we got a little more automated, I would check the IP and email against that site. Sometimes the username if I was very suspicious and the other checks didn’t hit. Overall, you would see a big reduction in the spammers hitting this forum if you used it.

    I’ll try to remember to ask what the plug in is that we used to better automate this. I think it was from stop forum spam. Now a days, I just need to manually activate everyone, which I do just once a day. Sure a spammer or two get through here and there, but it’s not on a regular basis, that is for sure.

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    Not sure what they look to gain when they dont have a link. Fame maybe? 🙂

    When you go through the registration process there is a Captcha step, as well as an additional mod I added a few years back that asks a “yes or no” question.

    Spammers really aren’t that big of a problem here…I just wanted folks to know the process I go through so they have a little more patience and so they know how they can help me get rid of them.

    In addition (or in place of) sending me a PM when you see one, feel free to post a link to a spammer thread directly in this thread too.

    Thanks all!

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    Does anyone know where I can score an athletic jersey? I have been scouring the interwebz.

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    I think I got em all

    Thanks boyz :thatrocks:

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    @hikeforturns wrote:

    Does anyone know where I can score an athletic jersey?


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    oh, spammers…. I feel really stupid now….

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    Chijiaba is a spam bot, or he’s just crazy about the Bengals

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    I really need some Michael Kors shit.
    *Edited PM sent*

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