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    So I got a new Jones Explorer and it’s got magne-traction on it.

    Should I cut my skins in straight line, or follow the magne-traction?


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    I bought a lib tech this year with some of the new G3 high traction skins. The lib has a straight inner edge and a very pronounced magnetraction on the outer riding edge. I used the G3 skin cutting tool and followed the wobbly edge. I have also had other boards that had magnetraction which were wider than the skins that I had so there was a little space between the skin and the edge. Both will work. If it’s a new skin and new board I’d just follow the edge. But as long as as you have good coverage with the skin you should be good.

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    First off. . . Major LOL on your two’s last conversation on Jones QC leading IMMEDIATELY to the creation of this topic. Good stuff on this forum here. Good stuff.

    Basically what @bcall8 said is good. Simply to amplify. . . The ideal for skins (no matter the shape of the board) is “wall to wall carpet.” You want as much P-tex covered as possible (for traction) while leaving the metal edge exposed (for ‘bite’ while sidehilling).
    The same is true for magnetraction. For the most part, you won’t notice the few cm² difference between straight or jagged edged skins; you will however notice it while sidehilling. Magnetraction allows you to bite and not slide down the hill, the exposed base has no traction and you’ll either slide backward or not be able to move forward (unless you kick, medially, into the slope sufficiently that carpet touches snow). Exactly as Bcall8’s experience.

    +1 for G3’s cutting tool. 2 mm away from the edge every single time. (Are you listening Black Diamond?! What is this, a letter opener?)

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    I did’nt want to highjack the Jones QC thread + though it could help others on this specific topic… make sense to me.

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    My skins are G3’s on a baord with Magnetraction and they are cut to the mag pattern. using the g3 tool is the way to go. Ive seen a few skiers recently with skins all the way to the edges and it makes me laugh, you want that edge exposed!

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