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    Depending on weather, I’d like to get out on Saturday or Sunday in the Tahoe area.

    My plan is to hit the Crystal Range……Pyramid Peak, Mt Agassiz, and Mt. Price to be exact. It will be long day (10-12hr) but it should be fun.

    Departure will be from the unofficial trailhead at the base of Rocky Canyon and US HWY 50 (just east of Strawberry Lodge and west of Twin Bridges). Departure time from the trailhead will be 5:30am.

    PM or post here if you are interested.

    Ps. Here are some beta pics…

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    Sure there’s enough snow? 🙄

    I might be able to do Sunday. Can’t make it that early on Sat.

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    I’m interested in going. I’m a randonee skier, I sky in the pirinees and in the alps, I have some experience (but this ear I didin’t ski yet), and all the material.
    For me sunday should be great. I live in Santa Cruz, so I will try to sleep saturday night in some camping near the zone.

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    I’ve got family plans sat, but was heading down to the high sierra sun–>thursday. If folks are going on this one sunday, i might be able to make a detour on sunday and meet up witcha. Much lower temps this weekend should make for some sweet corn.

    BCR, PM me or call me before saturday night (before 5pm) and let me know if folks are going or not.

    cheers, and happy cinco -de mayo 8)

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    Hey, are you going to go tomorrow?

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    sorry all…..I ended up going Saturday with a Friday night departure.

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    @knucklesplitter wrote:

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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