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    Finally got the crampon issue for the Dynafit mod. resolved. Fits the Dynafit crampon shim perfectly and is easily installed with your boot in the binding. Weighs almost half of a voile crampon and the bite is ridiculous.

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    That is pretty frick’in sweet! Nice work.

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    Nice work CP!

    Is that a standard dynafit crampon or a custom job. Does the black plastic piece slide into the slider track?

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    Thats a custom job from B&D ski designs in Redding. The black piece is just a spacer to make contact with the boot sole. No slider plates used for climbing. Bill does unbelievable work. Better quality than a real dynafit crampon I’d say.

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    Ok, that’s right…no slider tracks needed for the ascent with the dynafit mod.

    How about a link to B&D? How much did it cost you and how much time did he need? Did he keep the dimensions for future orders?

    I have a “friendâ€Â

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    He charged us $60 including shipping which seemed reasonable for a custom job. He has the dimensions for the prior and voile.

    One of my friends mounted his up over the w/e and loved it. Life-link will sell toe pieces for @140 a pair, but they are out until fall.

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    Lifelink has the comfort toes available, but the TLTBINDTOE(in picture) is out. They’re pretty much the same thing.

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    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but does anyone know how to get ahold of this crampon? It’s freakin’ sweet. B&D’s link is now defunct and Google doesn’t shed any light. We’re attempting a Haute route variation in April and the idea of using Dynafit bindings plus this crampon is mighty enticing.

    Also, can anyone shed light on the pro/cons of using the Dynafit toe pieces vs. the Voile plate bindings? I realize that you save weight off your feet but seems like you’re adding some for the ride down or if you need to boot pack the board.

    BTW, fantastic site BCRider!

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    Hi men

    Does this dynafit crampon get fixed to the board? (no rotation)
    I can only ride on hard and ici snow …most of the time i must skin with crampons fixed. Voile crampon has better grip than skis crampon (tested with skier-mate) but always on fixed mode.

    You add the weight of the dynafit binding to the system, i see no benefit unless you want a 3-piece board and have no room for the voile slider plate. i’m right?

    sorry for bad english


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