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    How much should it cost me to have my board cut by a waterjet? I got quoted $120 today but the guy was really confused on why i wanted my snowboard cut in half in the first place and sounded like he just threw a number out there.

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    I tried in Central Oregon and they said a minimum $100 charge. There is another place in HB, CA that was $20-$30. It’s going to vary. If you can round up some friends and get them to keep the same fee for multiple boards, I imagine it could work. Guy here made it sound like a hassle.

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    It depends on the shop you are asking. If the shop has never had any experience, I can see way you were quoted so high. One of the shops I requested a quote asked me to provide the measurement specs for the board. The guy said it would take some time to input the info into his program. He seemed very nervous about performing the cut. I was referred to another shop with snowboard cutting experience. The owner said he would use a previous template and modify it to my board. I had my board cut for $62.

    You might have call around to find a shop with experience or round up some friends for a bulk order as previously stated above.


    Hit up Nick at SickSplits


    Interesting to see the huge variability between quotes. I live in Bend also and was looking into this recently and heard between $120-$150, and one guy told me flat out $200 minimum. $20-$30 sounds amazing comparitively speaking. 😯

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    I just dropped off a sample board to get water jet cut. If that turns out good I’ll give them my good board. Best part is they said since its such a cool project they would do it for free :disco:

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    I just got a quote for $50 in Reno.

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    @rughty wrote:

    I just got a quote for $50 in Reno.

    Exactly, I think spending over $100 for a waterjet cut is ridiculous. The guy who cut my board probably spent more time looking up the template in his computer than the time it took to cut the board. My board was ready for pickup within a hour.

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    I had one done locally for about $75, pretty much shop minimum.

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    I think 200 hr is about the going rate for waterjets. why it varies is these are filler jobs and also the fact that if you screw up a plate you shrug and throw another one on and try again, screw up the board and the owner will react abit different 😥
    Once they get some experience doing it then it depends if the wants to gouge or just make abit of money on the side.
    Expect to pay a premium if they’re busy though.

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    Just to follow up with everyone, i was quoted anywhere from $100 – $220.

    Most places were confused on what I wanted and one guy was super stoked about the idea. Still waiting to get a new solid before I cut my current board.

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    Had a guy do it for $10 board near flagstaff. He fucked up two boards and got two done almost perfect. Turned out the tip of his water-jet was bent? Make sure the guys you go to are confident and a test board or two is good.

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    @rughty wrote:

    I just got a quote for $50 in Reno.

    Hey Rughty, I would love to know where you were quoted $50 in Reno. I live up at the lake and have a board I am thinking of splitting.

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    @tahoermk wrote:

    @rughty wrote:

    I just got a quote for $50 in Reno.

    Hey Rughty, I would love to know where you were quoted $50 in Reno. I live up at the lake and have a board I am thinking of splitting.

    Here is the email with quote. I ended up using a jigsaw because I was even too cheap for the $50, especially since it wasn’t a brand new solid. I use these guys a bunch for my regular job. They also cut the round disc’s I modified for my DIY interface.



    The waterjet kerf is .030″. That is how much material it will take out of the middle of your snow board. Cost $50.

    Best regards,
    Fred Burtt
    Waterjet Machine, Inc.

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    Thanks Rughty, I will give them a call.
    much appreciated,

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    Hey all-

    I’m looking for some people who want water jet cuts in Colorado-

    I have found a water jet cutter-(he is not in Colorado- but I would like to ship the boards from one location)

    he is charging $80 a cut but has cut well over 100 boards. He has assured me of his quality of work, extra strait, extra thin!. So we can trust his work.

    I was looking for two others who wanted to get there boards split, I will cover shipping both ways. ( Please be located in Colorado)

    send me a pm if interested

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    I had 2 boards water cut here in Germany.

    It was their first, and that is also how the result was. My main reason for the water jet was the middle inserts of the Burton 3D insert pattern (I’ve always hated that). I didn’t want to remove the inserts before the cut, not to have more holes in the base than neccessary, and the carpenters I went to refured to cut through the inserts.

    I’m never having a board water cut again. The cut turned out lousy, but the boards were not destroyed.

    The kerf of a circular table saw is anywhere between 3 – 5 mm (0.11 – 0.2 inches) depending on the blade.

    Is that too much of width loss for must of you?

    Please take a caliper an set it to 3

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