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    I’m taking the plunge and scanning all my slides. After enjoying all your TRs, I thought I’d give a little back and put together one from a little while ago. I’ve posted two of these before but here are the rest from that day. Not splitting though and I’ve not cropped off the slide mounts off a lot of them.

    Head to the very top of the Auguille du Midi as it’s such a beautiful day. Feeding the birds at 3850m. Behind the birdie is where we’re off to.

    ice tunnel exit to the fun stuff


    abseil in (60m ish)

    turns out conditions are “firm”. Waiting for the others gave me chance to calm down and get the camera out after the sh1t scary “dropping the board doesn’t bear thinking about” strapping-in moment

    views on the way down

    view of the berschrund from the top (you can just about see the roll off to the left of Tank)

    the bergschrund from the bottom. 6 feet wide and 100ft deep apparently!

    looking towards the bossons glacier just after the ‘schrund Couloir done, 1800m to go!

    obligatory straightline over some water ice

    short boot to the old lift station and some fluff!


    had to blast this one, silhouettes don’t show stupid grins!

    No photos from combat skiing in knee deep porridge out to the Cascade du Dard. It was dark and it wasn’t pretty.

    Great day, it will stay with me for ever!

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    :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Cosmiques, there’s a sweet classic ski mountaineering descent. Sweet slides.

    How far down this did you abseil? It seems like more than 60m to the end of rock/snow ramps. Did you have to downclimb a bit after the abseil?

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    sweet pics!

    when i did it there was actually enough snow to drop in w/out a rope, but involved wiggling through rocks w/ plunging ice axe the whole way.

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    That’s sweet! :headbang:

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    Whoa, nice! :thatrocks: :thatrocks: :thatrocks: Those pictures are beautiful.

    Love this one

    Watch out though, BCrider is going to give you hell about sitting down to strap-in :mrgreen:

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    Thanks, those are VERY nice. I would love to do a hut trip in your area someday

    Do you have any pics of the Huts around there?

    Henning did a nice slide show last year of the area and I have been dreaming ever sense

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    Nice pics, i know it well and it looks like you got pretty good conditions.

    Huts in the Mont Blanc area vary quite a lot depending on popularity and time of year. Most dont have a guardien during the winter months but are open for tourers and climbers so are generally smelly and cold. However, some have heating and if they are not easy to get to can be empty and quite clean!

    A good source of info is


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    Awesome TR! The ‘snow’ looks a little scary though

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    Thanks all for your comments!

    TEX, if you’re thinking, you should get the Baud book The “bible” as jimcoates has said. (that seller looks like the cheapest at the mo.)

    “The first complete guidebook of ski-mountaineering in the Mont Blanc and Aiguilles Rouges massifs. Classic backcountry ski touring routes to the ultimate in extreme skiing, 400 routes and variations described in detail and accompanied by numerous expert commentaries. More than 300 colour photos, maps and sketches.”

    Written by Anselme Baud, one of the pioneers of extreme skiing, it’s worth a buy even if you never go to Chamonix. Loads of history, stories, anecdotes and opinions, as well as really good info about the routes, the huts and the different areas. I’ve turned down the corner of about every second page in my copy!

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    It’s a wide angle lens (24mm) so objects may appear further away then they actually are.

    We did 2 and a little bit ab’s off a doubled 60m rope, and there was a bit spare at the end of the top two pitches. Think we may have strapped in before the last couple of rocks, too.

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    Wow…. great line!
    Way to go after it.

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