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    Nice work guys!!!

    Lovin’ the pics. 8)

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    Great photos. The only thing missing was Steeleman’s hilarious, colorful commentary. Maybe next time. Thanks for the stoke. What line did you ski?

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    @steeleman wrote:

    You guys are animals, schlepping ski-mountaineering-plastic-boots AND plastic-mountaineering-boots 😯 and don’t tell me you had a couple bricks in the pack just for exercise 😉

    Great pictures, great action, congrats Steeleman

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    Nice. I saw you were going up friday and almost PM’ed you. Decided to wait for Shasta though and went to the skatepark instead. Looks like it was fun.

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    In a strange way, this shot has the “Steeleman look”…..maybe the body posture?

    @steeleman wrote:

    Great work guys. Totally jealous, of course.

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