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    Matt’s getting hitched this weekend….

    Congrats man! :thatrocks:

    and don’t worry…being married isn’t that bad. 🙂

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    WHOA!!! Congrats Matt!

    karma surf
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    Congrats ❗

    My oldest boy (22) just got married this week also 😀

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    Just Kiding. Congradulations. And please post a trip report

    Pictures are optional

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    Congratulations Matt. ❗

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    Date: November 3, 2007

    Location: Ice Lakes Lodge, Donner Summit, CA, USA

    Weather: Beautiful Bluebird day, low breeze, near 60° (Though I was kinda hoping for some of Billy Idol’s early season White Wedding)

    Participants: mmcpheet, Mrs. mmcpheet, family and friends, and Sabra our guide dog puppy in training. About 60 total with a special visit from a bald eagle.

    Gameplan: Get hitched, eat and visit with those we don’t see often.

    Intro: Sarah and I met a few summers ago at a friends graduation party. After doing the long distance thing for a while, she moved to San Francisco with me and then to Auburn, and we’ll be moving again shortly to Colfax.

    This past July we hiked in for an over nighter at a small unnamed lake on the north side of Old Man Mountain.

    I wanted to get some beta on old man for a future winter trip. Hurchalla’s book mentions some of the south side descents, and it looks like the north of west sides have potential as well.

    As the sun was setting, I proposed and took a self portrait with Lake Fordyce and Basin Mountain in the background

    Fast forward to this past weekend. We had a great dinner Friday evening on Lake Tahoe and watched the sun set over the west shore.

    Saturday afternoon we had a nice short ceremony and in a few words we made it official.

    Sarah and I

    and the newly joined families

    We are both back at work this week and are planning to take the following week off for some relaxing times and travels through the california cascades and northern coast

    Ending at one of our favorite spots of little river on the Mendocino coast (Thanks Eco :thatrocks:).

    Congrats to your son KS!

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    Awww… very sweet. Congrats mmcpheet! It’s nice having someone who can both watch and wash your back. I like Sabra’s wedding collar. Good Girl!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    @mmcpheet wrote:

    Congrats to your son KS!

    Thanks Matt ❗

    Looks like you guys had a great wedding, thanks for sharing with us! 8)

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    Congrats Matt. Way to get some ski line beta in your wedding trip report. Little River is sweeeet. Some of our fondest memories are sitting on our little portch overlooking the ocean, drinking wine. And I’m not one that likes to sit around but I could chill there all day.

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    Awsome! Matt & Sarah.

    Thxs for sharing. Great pics from wedding. Looking forward to see you out there & shake hands. Happy days 2 you

    Grtx DM

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    Right on Matt and Sarah!!!

    Great pics! 8)


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